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My PAWSOME Mother!

Let’s face it: without mothers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They’ve been there from the start and they’ll be there till the end! They’re always there to help, purely out of love! 369 more words

The Pawsome Lion


Yesterday Kat Myrman and I were ruminating names for poetry forms along the lines of Essence, which always makes me think of Gasoline. The French for fuel oil is also a fun word—mazout—which could be the name for a fun poetry form. 49 more words

Don't Wish for Boiled Fish

If there here was one piece of life advice I could give anyone it would be, do not eat boiled cod. Ever. Spaggy and I enjoyed some fantastic dining experiences during our Portuguese escape, but boiled fish (however quaint and home run the eaterie appeared to be) was not a personal favourite. 98 more words

Feeling a bit silly............

I’ve just posted a comment about life being too short to feel glum on Joy’s post Winning the Gold

My blogging friend Colin replied with a 1950’s teaser of ‘Who were The Glums?’ 71 more words


January Poem

As we approach the end of January, I thought I’d share a little poem with you. Hope you like it and I hope it helps shift these January blues for you.


Christmas Cheer

May your days be full of cheer
with everyone you hold dear
well and full of fun.
each and every one!

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham 26 more words


Twelve Days of Christmas: Restaurant Edition

Sing along if you know the tune (and you should).

On the first day of Christmas, my restaurant gave to me: (And) A whole pile of crockery! 167 more words