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A short, simple song. Middle English “dite”=a composition < Old French “dité” < Latin “dictare”=something dictated or spoken.


the muse, or a ticking clock

I  anticipated it for awhile.  I recall the wisdom of Aunt Belle,

If  one  hears  the ticking of a clock and there is nothing there it is a bad omen. 59 more words

Old Wives Tales

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

At various times I’ve been surprised by people telling me they think I’m pretty sensible in life. It rarely feels like that!

So, on that topic: here’s the latest song… 10 more words


The latest silly short song. Like most of them, written on the move when the urge takes me, this time walking back from Eype after a stroll along the beach from West Bay.

The Solo of Rain

Originally written 0839 Mar 1985 Phillipsburg NJ 08865

Modified 061616 6728 30135 1649prg

The lightning, The Thunder, The Chorus of Rain,
as thy sing in Harmony this fine night of Spring. 119 more words


Brain (s)train

On a long standing-room-only train journey after a brain-taxing course:

Train packed.
Brain packed.
Standing by the loo.
Would really like to be at home,
sat eating warming stew.

Duck Talker

Hello duckies, how are you?
Oh please don’t swim away,
I promise not to hurt you,
If only you would stay.
I pass you every morning… 41 more words