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My solitary beach

It’s been three month since I arrive here, at my new home by the ocean.  Each morning I am greeted by sqwarking birds, circling above the house.   464 more words


We've Got A File On You

We’ve got a file on you!

We’ve got a file on you!

Your comings and goings,

Your Toings and Froings.

We’ve got a file on you! 107 more words

Send down a dove...again

The following ditty is a bit of a favourite here at the towers. It’s re-blogged every few months to keep its content and structure (whoops, seem to have wandered off into bollox land there for a bit) familiar with us all. 66 more words


I get so excited you know...

Being a handsome man, healthy, educated and debonair too,

Of course, that was years ago, when I wasn’t always running to the loo,

I could handle women, money, passing wind and Vindaloo, 219 more words


Half A Middle Eight

This one’s a little shorter than the last one
and nowhere near as wordy as the next
Consider it just sat here as a stop gap… 7 more words

Satire Saturday!

I wanted to add something a little humorous to the blog. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen every Saturday or Wednesday but check back on those days to see if you hit the jackpot on the funnies or something ironic. 67 more words


Little Thoughts

Loving thoughts and wishes to all

Flowers in your gardens, money on the floor

A dusty path, a walk to 30 more words