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its funnier to be second best and thats probably better

I’m cauliflower
I’m the bland sibling to big brother broccoli,
no plump, proud plumage on top of me,
just a colourless, crumbling cloud for hair… 172 more words


100 Writing Prompts Challenge -- Day Twenty: Coin

Heads or Tails

I flip the coin not really caring
where it lands–heads or tails
both mean the same–
fate is out of my hands

©May 2015 Lori Carlson


Daily Ditty 05142015 - Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

Sometimes it’s really difficult to find a supporting part for an initial inspiration. This one is another example of such a conundrum.

Daily Ditty 05112015 - Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

I took a few days off from the Daily Ditty series. Not for lack of inspiration, but rather a schedule change.

I like to bike to work and doing so requires that I leave ten minutes earlier each morning. 60 more words

Episode 320: A Shock Result!

Now the Election is over

I am feeling rather bereft

Apart from the Prime Minister

All of the other main leaders have left!

What a shock the results were… 92 more words


Daily Ditty 05012015 - Guitar Lessons Lynchburg

An uptempo rocker for Friday because, well, what else would we play on a Friday?