Tags » Ditty


there’s a spider on my shoulder
and she couldn’t be more bolder
if she jumped and sang a song
upon my knee
but it was me who jumped around… 12 more words


Brain Shut Down

It really is a pity

I can’t think of something witty

So I keep it short and sweet

Sorry it’s not much of a treat… 6 more words


From Another Planet

Am I from another planet,

like something you’ve never seen.

Am I really that peculiar,

like a vision from your dreams.

Am I really that different, … 81 more words


I wouldn’t say that I disobey,

but I don’t do what I’m told.

I do what feels right to me,

in some things I’m very bold. 86 more words

nose notes

there is a spot upon my nose
which every day a little grows
it started off extremely small
next week there’ll be no nose at all



scritchy, scratchy
run aroundy
chasey birdy
skip and hop
up and downy
stairy wary
eyes wide open
then you stop
purry wurry
soft and furry… 13 more words