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Day 56: A Little Ditty by Mitch & Ryan

The gutting of the Affordable Care Act is proving to be a tall task. Perhaps the Grand Old Party should consider a public service announcement, one that might feature a certain speaker of the house and Kentucky’s version of M&M. 246 more words

an unfinished two minute rhyme cut down to one

between today and yesterday
above the sunken sky
I remembered all the places
that tried to pass me by
but never got away from me… 40 more words

Finishing Wagner Off

Stephen Fry just climaxed
on my TV screen
the way his mouth fell open
(a) a rather troubling scene
(b) to leave the larder clean
(c) just right for Lohengrin


I was such a fan of Velcro
but I’m not anymore
cos there’s fluff inside my pocket
that just wasn’t there before.

shake and vac

these words fall out
in the middle of the night
like dandruff from my brain
and despite attempts
to scoop them up
they won’t go back in again… 35 more words


Have you ever had a song playing in your head until you can’t stop hearing it?  The one I’ve been thinking about, and which I wrote a post about a couple of years ago, is a kind of nursery rhyme about the days of the week. 369 more words

Blue Mondays

Blog Remixes #1 : 1974 (originally released March 16)

You were on the monkey bars
and I was on the swings
I think I could have loved you
if I’d known then of such things… 51 more words