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The Night Before the Fourth...

Years ago, when I was a wee lad, my grandfather, Alexander Ignatius Connolly, used to sit me on his knee and teach me “ditties”.

In my family, a ditty is a crude variation of a commonly known song, with lots of word interchange and improvisation. 196 more words

Jack & son sitting on the roof

Jack flew away.
Then there was one.
One fluffy baby sitting in the sun!

Gill McGrath© June 28 earlier today.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”


It came to my attention

it came to my attention

that saying hello

can make all the difference

to someone in their life

it came to my attention

a smile can save a life… 23 more words


Douglas and Pippin - Ditty

I wrote this for my two doggies

It is one of the ditties in ‘What’s a Soul to Do?’


Douglas is a daft dog… 190 more words


Appropriate for Sunday eh?

Not really only for Sundays though :)

(Fred is my way of addressing my ‘god’ – my deity)

The Fred Prayer

My Fred who art in me… 65 more words


First blog post

Well I am still working away at making this all interesting and it is a bit like baking a cake with no ingredients, no oven to do the baking and no idea what kind of cake the guest would like in the first place. 250 more words



I’m cauliflower
I’m the bland sibling to big brother broccoli,
no plump, proud plumage on top of me,
just a colourless, crumbling cloud for hair… 172 more words