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Why did the author say that Western culture is not built on biblical values?

Philip Davies argued that western nations are both religious and secular; he started on the issue of atheism and stated that atheist do have faith, but only on human values—individual liberty, reason, toleration, human autonomy, and science, and that they are not different to those who believe in a Devine God; both believe on something for quite some time until something happens. 281 more words


A Spring Cleaning Ditty.

These are the chores that are never complete: that have never been done since we began-

Iron the clothes, and wash all the plates, and clean every window, and empty the trash can. 25 more words



According to Dr. Isbell, there is a five-step-process that explains why the exiled Judahites did not abandon Yahweh for Marduk. Identify and briefly explain each of the five steps mentioned in his article. 316 more words



A loon, after happy, he hankered

To take more than tea in his tankard.

He shrilled to his shrink,

“Do add drugs to my drink!” 8 more words


...on a Crutch


My Uncarved block is scored with ruts

just like my 8 fold path,

My Dharma wheel has popped its nuts,

Its inner tube gone flat… 44 more words



Searching for answers through these pages of binary,
While my troubles become blurred with help of the winery.
But now my glass is empty and so are my hopes, 86 more words


In You

In you there is no fear,

there is no judgment or strife.

In you I find strength,

I find purpose and light.

There is reason to continue… 91 more words

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