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Radio DJ

You’re a loon. You’re cool.

I hear voices in the wall.

They talk constantly

Like some radio DJ

online Pirate radio

You’re a loon. You’re cool… 104 more words


Enough’s been sung of juice divine
From reddish clusters grown on vine –
The drink of gods, which common men call wine.

Tis time to praise th’supremest food, 52 more words


We Like Rubbish

We like rubbish at the front of our house because we thinks its neat

for everyone walking by to walk in a soiled street.

We like rubbish out the front of our house because you are a fool… 174 more words

Scilla Song

You should sing the blues,
but your music’s too sweet, 77 more words


Yellow Thing

I enjoy every
yellow thing
that blooms in
early spring.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This ditty is in honor of writing and rewriting manuscripts galore. 98 more words


Keep your rings and roses

A ditty.

Photo ©Kaz Andrew

Keep your rings and roses,

For sticking in your noses,

I want no symbol of your love,

No simpering, fluttering, feeble dove. 40 more words


The ditty of Lyon Redmond

Wendy the SuperLibrarian’s TBR challenge for this month is a series catch up book.

I read The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long. Unlike many other readers I know, I have not read every other book in the series. 651 more words