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Dear Santa

A snowflake hit me on the nose,

It didn’t hurt, that everyone knows.

Then an icicle fell from the eave

Hit my shoulder; it stuck in my sleeve. 18 more words


Americans All!

Please help me, my friend,

Have we come to an end?

Has reason deserted our land?

Many fight for the right,

Guaranteed by our laws, 43 more words


Trump Jump Train

Come on Chump,

Get outta your slump,

It’s time for the Jump,

Let’s do the Trump Jump today!

It’s easy to learn,

And calories you’ll burn. 79 more words


Sea sung ditty

Eeeh you can say what you like about the arts but a good old sing your heart out verse of song can work wonders. They say. 98 more words



Today I heard

Youth declare

Words of hate

Patently absurd.

They spoke by rote

Their message clear

Demands immense

Damn, the vote!

To this I say… 26 more words


Can Money Buy the White House?

With the election now upon us, it is time to address the REAL issue…. Can money actually – “Buy Him a Vote” ? It’s not a new question as I, the media and many others have pondered the issue over the years. 599 more words



A short, simple song. Middle English “dite”=a composition < Old French “dité” < Latin “dictare”=something dictated or spoken.