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If I could describe your beauty
           If I could recreate in words
a breathing replica
           of your flesh and bone
I would do so but I can’t… 32 more words


TO AMERICA, WITH LOVE:American Inventions

Here is a nice little ditty, all about some American inventons that help make our lives a lot less…dizzy?!(Hey, it’s the very best I could do!) … 174 more words


To the father and the son

Not I
the father that is
Or he
the father that was
Or they
that came before

But him
the future to come
The son… 209 more words


Ditty to a Bud

If one is one and two is two
Then three will come to be.

The bud of self will open up

And I will meet with me.


Im-powering up…


how great I am,


how admirable. . .


without due,


without you.


Ramadan Memories

I remember when I was little I visited my mother’s hometown near Ghulja. For the first three days of Ramadan, just before Iftar time, the kids would run around to every house holding bags and singing a song to get sweets and snacks from the residents, a little reminiscent of Halloween to my Western-cultured 7-year-old self. 118 more words


The Shady Tree

I sat under a shady tree
it behaved suspiciously
like it wanted to eat me
so I made my leave and said
I’ll climb into a bush instead