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Another Seasonal Nonsense Ditty

Now the Holidays are here
I’ll push a pine cone in my ear
and shove a candy cane between my knees
I want to make it very clear… 15 more words


Moonlit Kitty

When you’re blue,
look above:
the moon smiles,
bright with love.

Copyright 2017 Brenda Davis Harsham 87 more words


sunset jewels

The sky breathes fire and amethyst

Turning the trees to charcoal

Light is amber glass.
The life of day is swallowed
sharing reign to the star drops.

~Miss Jackal


God forgot the light

God forgot the light today !

He grunted it was a fuse

or a dimmer stuck on grey

it made the breakfast news. 93 more words


Ode to the Eggnog Latte

It’s pretty simple this week. I choose to share a poem.

Because I’ve never met an eggnog latte I didn’t like.

You come a teasin’ every November first… 131 more words


Rhursery Nyme

little Polly Backscratch
sat under a chair
eating fluffy furballs
she’d discovered there
she gulped them down
like fairy cakes
light as morning air
and though they made… 8 more words


He Talks to himself, you know!

Insanity is his guiding light – Sad I know, but there you are!

I talk to and chastise myself,

How did I lose all of my wealth? 347 more words