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Gat Jetfuel Aqx

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for May 26, 2016 is: milquetoast • MILK-tohst • noun : a timid, meek, or unassertive person Examples: Brian was such a milquetoast that he agreed to work extra hours on Sunday even though he had already told his boss that he needed that day




Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for May 23, 2016 is: litotes • LYE-tuh-teez • noun : understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary Examples: “Vacationing in the Caribbean wasn’t a total drag,” said Sheila with her characteristic flair for

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Burdock: excellent healing

Burdock, Arctium lappa, belongs to the family Asteraceae and is a biennial herbaceous plant that can reach a height of about 3 meters; widespread in the temperate zones of Europe and Asia (including Japan). 275 more words


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals H2O Expulsion -- 60 Capsules

PARIS (Reuters) – A Dutchman dubbed the ‘horror dentist’ by French media was sentenced to eight years in jail on Tuesday for mutilating patients’ mouths and defrauding social security services. 13 more words


Some Products Arriving In Stores Now

I’ve been very excited to get my products in stores finally after 2 yrs of trying and now FINALLY, I DID IT!!! More products will be added there as well. 52 more words


#atozchallenge: We're Talking D Today

The topic today is dandelion. Yes, the little yellow flowers that your kids pick for you in the spring if you’re lucky enough to have a yard, dandelion. 362 more words