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Burn a weekend binge

If each weekend (or a friday evening night out) sees the weight loss of the week come back each time, its time to take charge. If you have a bloated belly and your clothes are not as comfortable each monday morning, take charge! 447 more words



Sorrel, Roselle, red sorrel, Florida cranberry, rosella, Indian sorrel, oseille rouge, zuring, quimbomb? chino, sereni, rosa de Jamaica, vinagreira, azeda de Guin?.

Roselle (or Sorrel) is a tropical annual plant, originally from West Africa, growing abundantly in Suriname. 214 more words



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This is an all-in-one ally for the male reproductive system. 213 more words
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Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Common mullein was imported into the United States early in the 18th century and cultivated for its medicinal properties and use as a piscicide. (1) 489 more words


Queen Anne’s Lace (Wild Carrot)

Wild Carrot is a flowering plant native to Europe and southwest Asia. It is naturalized throughout much of the United States and Canada and can be found growing wild in fields and along roadsides. 688 more words


Alfalfa (Medicado Sativa) (Zǐhuā mùxu 紫花苜蓿)

Bitter flavor and warm thermal nature. Acts on Liver, Spleen and Intestines meridians.

Active compounds:

Alfalfa contains eight enzymes which help assimilate protein, fats and carbohydrates.. 195 more words

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