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Cocoa, well, this plant is for deep fat elimination. I am not should of how much you have to consume for it to work properly. I tried it but I don’t know of how it was¬†working. 332 more words


Lifestyle and Dietary Revelations Part III

Avoid Drinking Water From Plastic

Plastic has thalates which seep into your water.

I’ve recently switched to glass and have started using a glass jug. 788 more words


Refreshing Hibiscus Tea

Have you recently decided to cut down on consuming sweet drinks? If you have decided to recently cut down on sweet drinks I promise you  hibiscus iced tea is a drink you are going to love consuming this summer and you get to make it for yourself and show off to your guests that you really are serious about getting your health right. 419 more words


Diuretic Herbs

Diuretics are commonly known because they are a large class of pharmaceutical drugs used for treating blood pressure most often. While they do have other uses, herbal diuretics are not generally used for blood pressure. 507 more words