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Health Check: does caffeine cause dehydration?

Studies have found caffeinated drinks retain about as much fluid as water or sports drinks. Kyle Meck/Unsplash

Ben Desbrow, Griffith University

For a long time… 655 more words


The Lion's Teeth

If your garden is anything like mine at this time of year, out of your lawn, the flower beds, cracks in the patio, in fact out of any available nook and cranny will be growing beautifully bright yellow flowers. 153 more words


Drumroll please. The results are in.

So you want to know how the 14 day diuretic challenge went? Read back over the past couple of weeks and you’ll see what I was doing, why and how. 574 more words


Final Day! Diuretic Challenge.

So here we are on the last day! Life, work and study have all conspired to prevent me from posting for a couple of days but I’ve been soldiering on. 155 more words


What I Ate Day 10. Diuretic Challenge

Here we are running into the last few days of the 14 day challenge. For anyone who’s not read the beginning or not been following the idea was to spend 14 days trying to include as many of the top 20 known diuretic foods into my diet as possible. 544 more words


Diuretic Challenge. What I Ate Day 9.

I was really lazy on day 9, although I was up working until 3am so I really should take that back because I wasn’t lazy at all, I was tired. 725 more words