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The Beer Factory

The Beer Factory

113 N. Fairview St., Riverside, NJ 08075
Hours: Early to Late (not exactly sure)

This Independence Day, we headed up Rt. 130 to perform our diving duties in the former resort / former industrial / former everything town of Riverside, NJ. 568 more words


Copper Lounge

Bar:  Copper Lounge

Address:  1504 Central Ave SE

Someplace I read that Copper Lounge is a dive.  It certainly seems like it could be; It’s got that look from the outside.  413 more words



Take on: Whatever

Origin: State Park, Kendall Square

Writing about drinking is me in a nutshell. The State Park Cocktail—a curious mixture of hard rye, pungent amaro and cheap beer—is State Park, the bar, in a bottle of Miller High Life. 946 more words


Portland, Maine • A Dance Floor You've Never Seen Before

“That place is a hidden gem. It’s definitely a local hangout. You won’t find another bar like it.”  That’s what a friend told us after we spent the night at… 142 more words

North America

A Vegas Night/081116

The Velveteen Rabbit,
but the band wasn’t that good.
Not horrible,
but not good either.
So I bought a green zebra
paper wristband
for five dollars… 30 more words


August 9 Non-Dive, Dive Bar

A dive bar is defined as a place of ill repute. A well-worn, decidedly un-glamorous place where poets and thieves rub elbows with gents and bums. 258 more words


Bar:  Leo’s

Address:  1119 Candelaria Rd NW

Leo’s, Leo’s, Leo’s.   To be truthful we’ve been here a bunch of times already.  Everyone in town agrees this is a dive, so it better score at least a 7 or there’s something wrong with my system.   539 more words