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Recommendations (Blog or Die! Entry #14)

Accepted entry for the “Comics” category.

Author: Caleb Inman (VAkkron)

Model Spotlight

Those Years That Went Down

Sometimes when
I’m walking
in the old neighborhood with
my wife, my daughter, my son
and we pass by
all the sharp corners
and tight spaces… 96 more words

3. Literature

Salty Dawg Saloon

If you ever find yourself half-frozen and wandering, deranged, in an Alaskan blizzard, pray that you are somewhere close to the Salty Dawg at the very end of the Homer Spit. 263 more words

For That Night Out With Your Girls

We all have our busy lives where we are constantly running around to get things done, be it our jobs or relationships. But once in a while we like to give ourselves a breather and just relax and catch up with our girlfriends which generally turns into one hell of a night out. 581 more words

Famille, Santé Et Bien-être

Dive Bars of Bombay

Drinking in Mumbai runs the gamut from swigging cheap whisky in a dimly lit park to sipping champagne in a five star hotel. Climbing a few rungs down from the latter might land you in some trendy microbrewery in a redeveloped Lower Parel mill site, while climbing up a few steps from rock bottom takes you to my favourite sort of establishment: the dive bar. 1,076 more words


Jazz Hands :: Creepy's

I lied.

I said I was going to reinvent this blog as an experiment in sober dating… and it would have worked if he wasn’t so goddamn attractive. 1,994 more words