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Bartender Poet

Went to Cincinnati recently. The Queen City welcomed a joker like me. I took my friend Mosquito with. It was just for one night. It was to meet a girl I know there, Shay. 241 more words


Bernard pri Lýceu, Bratislava

  • Quality and/or choice of drinks – 9/10
  • Style and Decor – 6/10
  • Character, Atmosphere and/or Local Life – 8/10
  • Amenities, Events & Community – 6/10…
  • 983 more words

Tuesday Night at Desmond’s Tavern

Doris showed up early, the sun still setting over her shoulder when she walked into Desmond’s. She had her guitar strapped to her back and was careful not to hit any of the happy hour business crowd enjoying their pints in the last dive bar in Midtown. 251 more words

Flash Fiction

Busking in a San Francisco Muni Station


Busking was never painless work. You’d work your fingers bloody trying to entertain people who mostly didn’t care. But over and over, your confidence was reinvigorated when someone would stop and listen and throw you a few bucks. 49 more words


A Conversation With Death

I went to visit Death at
the dive bar where he
bartended part-time to
ask him to spare you.

He and I had travelled
in the same circles so often… 102 more words


Toronto's Best Patios 2017

With patio season being in full swing, I thought that I’d share my top 3 favourite patios in Toronto. Narrowing down my list to only 3 places was pretty tough, but since these ones made the cut they are a must! 324 more words

Memoirs of a Dive Bar Rockstar--INTERLUDE

My music had been whored. I’d been used. The blood was streaming down my face as I was chased down the dive bar stairs by a tumbling guitar case while a junkie general manager cursed me and everyone I knew. 200 more words