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If a man looks for rest he will find boredom, if he looks for work he will find rest

I heard this on a show called “The Call Centre” by a chap called “Nev Wilshire”.  Nev is a great guy, super sharp and with a larger than life character.   427 more words

First things First, Whats in My Bag?

Hey you!, yes you!, Have I still got your attention…. I feel like I should do an intro here but the whole purpose of having an about page (The Low Down)  is to do that already if you’ve skipped it go check it out…… so I guess instead lets dive in….. 506 more words

So now

So now

Have you got it

All planned and ready?

Ready to dive in, are you..

Dive in, you will

Splash and splutter and sink you will… 62 more words


Track by Track: "Misadventures," Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil is one of several bands I’ve been meaning to blog about for weeks now, and am only just getting to. Definitely don’t expect this to be all you see of these guys on here! 1,105 more words


#55 Thank God It´s Friday

Het is tijd om weer een nieuwe rubriek het leven in te gooien. Aangezien het mooie weer zich weer laat zien vond ik het wel tijd om met jullie de meest zomerse, broeierigste en fijnste nummertjes met jullie te delen. 276 more words

Dive In // KYKO

In all honesty, I didn’t like the first thirty seconds of this song. And I’m really not sure if I like it or not. The middle is really catchy, but the beginning and end are iffy. 37 more words