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Dive In

I’ve been falling into the pool of love all the time.
It’s just that now,

I pick the shallow end.

July 2015

And there goes another season

I was worried about this past season. I now realize I had no need to be, and I’m going to miss these boys.

At the start of the season I had 15 players. 429 more words

Real Life Stuff

To Dive Deep

I have been caught up in such a crazy whirlwind the past few weeks. It’s been terrifying at times, exhilarating at others. On the waves and storms of life, that’s where we find ourselves. 320 more words


The Smart Octopus: Diving With Octopus

Octopi might very well be among the smartest creatures underwater, and we’ve only just begun to understand them!

For the longest time, humans viewed octopi as little more than slightly advanced snails; a soft, strange animal with little or no abilities, aside from what was governed from its natural instincts that dictated it to eat and reproduce. CONTINUE READING

Dive In/Can't Hold Me Down

Dive In‘s Eighteen EP drops next week.  Stream a great track from the Glastonbury trio entitled “Can’t Hold Me Down” below:

Just Listen: Dive In - Eighteen

Dive In

Listen to Eighteen here:

At first listen the beginning of this Eighteen didn’t exactly make me jump for joy. I thought it sounded a bit like a terrible 90s dance track, and it kind of does. 51 more words


Dive In - Eighteen

With all this raining hitting Sydney this morning, it kind of feels like dream-pop season should be in effect. Luckily, there have been a few stellar releases within the genre over the past month. 107 more words