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FBI raids church; 4 charged for fake COVID cure - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

The sale of a Miracle Mineral Solution as a COVID-19 treatment — that prosecutors call bleach — has resulted in federal charges against Mark Grenon, 62, and his sons, Jonathan Grenon, 34, Jordan Grenon, 26, and Joseph Grenon, 32, in Miami federal court. 14 more words

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The most notorious anti-vax groups use Facebook to lay the groundwork against the novel coronavirus vaccine | Media Matters for America

Key takeaways:
  • The three most prominent U.S. anti-vaccination organizations — National Vaccine Information Center, Children’s Health Defense, and Informed Consent Action Network — are using Facebook and other major social media platforms to lay the groundwork for widespread coronavirus vaccine rejection.
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Church of Scientology got up to $350k in taxpayer coronavirus bailouts despite being worth $2billion | Brinkwire

Branches in New York, Washington, D.C., and Florida, received business loans ranging from $150,000 to $300,000, according to the U.S. Treasury.

The controversial church – which boasts super-rich and celebrity members – received special loans introduced to boost the economy in the wake of the pandemic. 57 more words

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Million$ of Coronavirus Relief Loans Given to Big-Name Local Companies – NBC 7 San Diego

San Diego County businesses received between $3.9 to $6.5 billion in loans through the federal government’s coronavirus disaster fund.

San Diego County businesses received between $3.9 billion and $6.5 billion in loans through one of the federal government’s coronavirus disaster fund. 107 more words

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It's time the tech giants cracked down on the anti-vaxx infodemic

Nearly a third of people say they would refuse a Covid vaccine, fuelled by the billion-dollar anti-vaxx industry

The campaign against vaccines is sometimes called a “movement”, but with the help of tech giants it has become a billion dollar industry, in which ideologues, hucksters and tech giants benefit from each other. 73 more words

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Can Dogs Be Autistic? | Fierce Autie


There has been the age old question going around the community:”Can dogs be autistic?”


The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. 35 more words

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Trump administration will let homeless shelters refuse transgender people / LGBTQ Nation

The Trump administration announced that it is close to changing an Obama era rule so that homeless shelters can more easily refuse to take in transgender people. 58 more words

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