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verbal effusion 1

The more time passes, the more I understand why my father did what he did. The modern majority of American culture and society don’t have a place for those of us that fit into the ‘other’ category. 317 more words


An Explanation

Hello! I’ve decided to start this blog on somewhat of a whim with the goal of posting something I’ve observed or learned or think is valuable weekly.   281 more words



We wait and wait
for the dauntless,

the selfless,
        the erudite to

unite with us in
        our wisdom,

our joy,
        our compassion.

Until that day, 46 more words


Top 10 Romances

Well here we are, Valentine’s Day! Day of love, a perfect day to do my very first Top Ten Tuesday! Started by The Broke and The Bookish… 379 more words


Drone World by Jim Kochanoff (Book Review #34)

Here is a brave, curious girl, living in a world of which drones follow and control their every move. The whole justice system is run based on the evidence these cameras, satellites and most importantly, drones offer in court. 337 more words

Jeyran Main

And Then, There Are These

February 11, 2017, Prescott-

I did a routine workout at Planet Fitness, this evening, after having visited a tax prep office, finding out I was short a critical document, and getting that document printed off a website, which will serve me well- the NEXT time I go to that tax office. 341 more words



We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another

~Veronica Roth