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Colwyn Bay Road Diversions

Motorists are advised to expect delays through Colwyn Bay at peak times due to the ongoing promenade road works and work to refurbish the Pier.

A Very Personal Day

As I’m getting ready to welcome a new day, I have a vision of an untouched stretch of immaculate snowy terrain. All I have to do is gear up, start walking and enjoy whatever lies ahead. 346 more words

Miércoles mudo - Sépoles mudo

Cuando Gran Sépoles decide enseñar con diversión.

Miércoles Mudo” es un carnaval deblogs oblog hop iniciado por Maybelline de Naturalmente Mamá y participar es muy fácil, solo debes publicar los miércoles una foto (s) sin escribir nada para explicarla (s) (de ahí viene lo mudo). 38 more words

A Poem as Lovely as a Tree: A diversion in Lishui

A group of my colleagues and I went on a day excursion to Lushui. The mountains and rivers were breathtaking. But for now I’d like to share a few photos of some the amazing trees I saw while there.   244 more words

Diversion - Our Own Winery!

Okay, it’s not really ours, but it’s kinda cool to have a winery nearby that shares your last name. There’s nothing like having personalized wineglasses and wine bottles in the cellar to make your guests wonder! 560 more words


What is Happening with the Slaves?

McLean’s Monthly Sheet of Caricature shouts so many political messages. First it makes comparisons between the lives of the English in the New World with Africans living in The West Indies. 355 more words

Transatlantic Slavery (3/13-3/17)

Feria Medieval

Fin de semana de infarto.

El viernes fuimos a dar un paseo por la feria medieval. Nos vestimos con trajes de época y fuimos a un local donde estaban los tíos y cenamos con ellos de lujo. 437 more words