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Realise before you divert...


be content with whatever big or small we have because at the end of the day becoming preoccupied with the things that we possess will divert us from the real issues and our Ibadan will be compromised. 183 more words

Goodly Word

Traffic Diversion Stonefield Road

As of Monday 3rd August until Friday the 7th August the 263, First Bus is being diverted at the top of Stonefield road down Burnbrae road and onto Victoria street. 40 more words


The Tyranny Of Diversion

I emphasized the sordidness of slum living and wrote that as it was necessay to do something to lighten the gloom of the tenement, something to counter the harsh cries of the fighting cats on the stairs, I had bought a small phonograph for a dollar down and a dollar a week, plunging at once into installment buying, that plague of the poor, that dishonesty by which the poor are robbed of their meagre earnings. 142 more words

Diversion: Living with Lorraine, Part 5

Almost the moment I woke I knew that it was going to be a significant day. I could feel it in the air like the electrical charge before a thunderstorm. 2,664 more words


Recycle Unwanted Clothing and Textiles in San Francisco

What do tote bags, oven mitts, chair cushions, carpet padding, and rugs have in common? They can all be made from recycled clothes and other textiles. 302 more words


What Is the Difference between Pre-Trial Diversion and Judicial Diversion in Tennessee?

Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense is a frightening experience for most people – particularly if you have never been in trouble with the law before. 138 more words