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Get Rail

The Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code requires that all stairs have a fully graspable rail – that is, one you can wrap your hand around all the way, if your hand is big enough. 263 more words


Waiting for the 'Wear it Out'

There comes a point in time when something that’s potentially embarrassing becomes an exciting challenge, and I’ve hit that point with these socks.

I’ve had these socks for a long time–probably a good 12 to 15 years, although time is relative because there were many years that I avoided wearing them in favor of other socks. 422 more words


Friday's answers

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Crowded Thoughts

Chaff dialogues are replacing the old-fashioned amiability

Now it is the privilege of delivering speeches of vacuous senses

The multitude is diverted towards the source of solitude… 74 more words


Diversions #4: Subversive Pastimes: Constructing and Cultivating a Floating Allotment

The outbreak of social protest in 1830 has been recognised by a number of scholars as the spark for the national movement for allotments. Embittered and hungry labourers destroyed agricultural machinery and set fire to haystacks in what is known as the Swing riots and links the organised allotment movement to political protest. 676 more words


Friday's answers

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