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The Hopeless Autistic's Holiday from Hopelesness

I went to a tradeshow a couple weeks ago from the National Association of Broadcasters. A great place for broadcast geeks and alike. I met some new people, people recognized me (surprisingly)  and a place where you can get lost, and be around up to 100,000 people… 79 more words

Hopeless Autistic

Friday’s answers

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THE STATEMENT: The World Of Wakanda Is Here To Stay... And So Is The Black Pride Of A New Generation

To be young gifted and Black. Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud. When my mother was a young girl on Long Island, N.Y., having the N- word hurled at her by even younger white neighbors while riding her bicycle, these phrases by icons like James Brown and Nina Simone, kept her head held high, and her external emotions non-reactive. 659 more words


By The Numbers: The Global Impact of 'Black Panther' Is Still Soaring

There’s no doubt that Black Panther has made history for numerous reasons.  Since it first took the box office in February to today, it hasn’t stopped climbing the charts, breaking down barriers and most of all, opening up doors for Black excellence. 337 more words

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