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Brain Drain and Pain - Why Inclusion Matters

When a human being is born, their brain weighs one pound. If you are reading this blog, your brain probably weighs about three pounds. Through normal human development and physical growth starting as a swaddled infant to toddling around as a toddler to tip-toeing through life as a tween/teen and eventually, achieving adult status, your brain gained two more pounds. 1,562 more words


How ‘Elite’ Universities Are Using Online Education

After years of skepticism, higher education’s upper class has finally decided that online learning is going to play an important role in its future. But what will that role be?

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What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

I attended a half-day conference at The George Washington University last week on diversity and inclusion in the workplace sponsored by one of the big consulting firms in the US. 622 more words

The George Washington University

To Improve Retention, Community Colleges Teach Self-Esteem

As states and the federal government put a greater emphasis on raising college graduation rates, community colleges are moving to help a group of students who often fall behind: those required to take remedial-education classes.

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First-Generation Students Unite

Ana Barros grew up in a two-family house built by Habitat for Humanity, hard by the boarded-up buildings and vacant lots of Newark. Neither parent attended college, but she was a star student.

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MCC Director Talks Diversity at Santa Clara*

*originally published by The Santa Clara on January 22, 2015.

Openness to culture creates understanding

Racial tensions are at the forefront of our country’s mind. This week, Santa Clara celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. 672 more words

Social Justice

School: What is it Good for?

One of the curious features about schooling is that there is no explicit consensus about its purpose. Any assertion with regards to function should dramatically affect both the content of what is taught and the structure in terms of how to best instill the things that are taught.

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