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SNEAK PREVIEW: Occupy These Photos

Coming soon from @SullivanStPress: “Occupy These Photos” – a collection of my NYC activist photography.

Stay tuned for more info!

Photo: #BlackLivesMatter, Nov. 2014

Activism Step One: Pay Close Attention

Way back, during the pre-Internet days of yore, I garnered much of my radical education from WBAI-FM radio in NYC. There was a particular morning host who always ended his show with this simple bit of advice: “Stay strong and pay close attention.” 68 more words

"Occupy this Book" needs YOUR reviews!

If you agree we need way more activism and way more active activists, please support Occupy this Book: Mickey Z. on Activism by writing a 5-star review ( 15 more words

disclaimer (#prose #poem)

it’s not enough to shave yer head and pound the doors of the asylum, begging for less…to be like artaud or rimbaud? who knows? the price you pay is impossible to predict but the feedback is a real bonus. 362 more words

Social Justice via Social Media?

Before you hit “post” on your next clever and profound critique of a group, tactic, and/or fellow activist, you might wanna ask yourself a few questions: 161 more words

Mickey Z. talks about Venezuela with Press TV

The United States is targeting Venezuela because of its revolutionary democracy, economic independence as well as its vast oil reserves, an American novelist and political activist says.