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It's your last chance to help make "Occupy these Photos" happen!

Help us reach our goal – and get rewards in return! My next book – Occupy these Photos – is a collection of NYC street activism images from #OccupyWallStreet to #BlackLivesMatter. 21 more words

“The spraying stopped”

Please allow me to introduce an excerpt from Derrick Jensen’s book Endgame in which Jensen tells of a discussion he had with a longtime activist. 153 more words

Here’s a little of what's typically is ignored about zoos...

*Zoos are mostly focused on “cute babies” and ultimately create unwanted animals.
*They can reduce genetic diversity and do not contribute to increasing robust animal populations in the wild. 145 more words

"Never hope more than you work”

We can’t give up hope, I’m often told. Keep hope alive, the saying goes. If we lose hope, nothing will ever change . . . or so they believe. 272 more words

Occupy These Photos: Can you spare a buck…or more?

My next book – Occupy These Photos – is a collection of NYC street activism images from #OccupyWallStreet to #BlackLivesMatter. Please click HERE to learn how even $1 can help make this book happen! Thanks…

Activism = Appetite for Destruction

Everyone knows we’re sincere, we’re dedicated, we’re “hardcore.” It’s time now for everyone to accept that we’re also largely and tragically ineffective. 

If we truly want drastic and sustainable social change, all the protest sign wavers, social media warriors, arrest-me fetishists, obsessive meeting holders, under- and over-organized organizers, and relentless spotlight seekers must join together to destroy the old blueprint. 18 more words

SNEAK PREVIEW: Occupy These Photos

Coming soon from @SullivanStPress: “Occupy These Photos” – a collection of my NYC activist photography.

Stay tuned for more info!

Photo: #BlackLivesMatter, Nov. 2014