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In the Wake of Baltimore, Are Scholars Facing Reality?

Over the years, Francis Fox Piven, one of the more celebrated social movement historians in America, has made a remarkable assertion: Most US social scientists have a severe… 1,381 more words

Misunderstanding the Civil Rights Movement and Diversity of Tactics

It’s gotten to be a pattern on the Left.  When Black protest erupts into insurrection, as it did in Ferguson and Baltimore, most liberals and white radicals express empathy for the cathartic release of anger, but urge the oppressed that this is not the… 1,814 more words

Baltimore Rioters & Looters Have Done Something Right. Let's Learn From Them.

The Baltimore looters and rioters have something figured out. If everyone struggling against racist police brutality was a peaceful marcher, we wouldn’t even be discussing Baltimore right now. 827 more words


It's your last chance to help make "Occupy these Photos" happen!

Help us reach our goal – and get rewards in return! My next book – Occupy these Photos – is a collection of NYC street activism images from #OccupyWallStreet to #BlackLivesMatter. 21 more words