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Halifax band pulls out of rock festival, citing lack of gender and racial diversity

A Halifax indie rock band is pulling out of a Nova Scotia music festival, saying the lineup lacks diversity.

In-Flight Safety frontman John Mullane tweeted that he felt out of sorts after Truro’s Rock the Hub festival revealed a lineup consisting almost entirely of all-male and “nearly all-white” bands. 172 more words



When Astrid from Ylva sent me a message on Facebook in early 2015, I thought what the actual fuck? She has to be joking, right? Blurred Lines was just fanfic even though I put all my blood, sweat and tears into it the two years or so it took me to write it. 438 more words


I’m Here

I am a big fan of Peter H. Reynolds and think he creates amazing stories with meaningful life lessons. I wanted to read more of his books, so we recently read I’m Here. 225 more words

Picture Books

Beyond formal rules of evidence

Last year the Wall Street Journal wrote about problems with sleeping jurors. Brooklyn law professor I. Bennett Capers’ new article Evidence Without Rules, forthcoming in the Notre Dame Law Review, points out a much more pervasive issue: all the information jurors take in when they are awake. 1,211 more words

Clinical Legal Education

Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Dear Martin by Nic Stone
Crown, 2017.

(I listened to this book – great reading by Dion Graham! – so I may get some details and spellings wrong as I don’t have any notes to refer to). 314 more words


Ohrwürmer of the Week 26.04.2018

As someone who was born in the mid-80s, the music of the late 90s and early millenium is the music that gets me all nostalgic. It is the soundtrack of my youth. 414 more words


4.25.18 Change Never Is

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a savior from there.” Philippians 3:20

In the past three days, I have been confronted with a series of challenging perceptions,  presuppositions, misrepresentations, misunderstandings, and multiple-perspectives on ethnicity, racism, and personal identity. 462 more words