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The Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Rating: 3 stars

“Still, you always wonder how much people know and just don’t say. Or pretend not to know. Or purposely forget.”

It follows the story of four college students who are about to graduate in a matter of weeks. 462 more words

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Taking Center Stage, Again: The Middle East's Particle Accelerator

The coast was clear. No sight of the forty thieves was found in all directions. Ali Baba slowly made his way to the cave, then stopped before the huge boulder that blocked its entrance. 1,248 more words



Communication is key – and the most rebellious form of communication is art.

Colourful, beautiful, and recklessly powerful, it comes in many forms including poetry, sculpture, music, and film. 880 more words

D&I Friday Read No. 172

Facebook just announced the appointment of the first black board member to their all-white board. Kenneth Chenault has been the CEO of American Express for the past 16 years and will move to Facebook in February. 123 more words

LGBGT golf

Inspired by Donald Trump, Brexit and the rise of the right in Europe, the number one right wing golf course in the deep south of the northern areas has come out with a shocking statement. 338 more words

Celebrating diversity...

… in Camden, London! Whilst the children do not get a good flavour of how much diversity there is in and around us where we live, I took a more unconventional route to sightseeing! 21 more words