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Who needs a list of progressive professors?

Turning Point USA has a new list out of progressive professors. The list has already begun to be attacked as signaling the rise of a new era of McCarthyism where academics will be prosecuted for anti-American discourse. 570 more words


The Rise of "Real Americans"

A recurring theme throughout this electoral season has been the growing voice of “real Americans.” For some, the phrase “real American” conjures up Hulk Hogan’s entrance music. 911 more words

Donald Trump

We Can't Stop Diversity

The dictionary defines diversity as the state of being different between two individual entities when and only when they are not identical. Diversity came to America with the Pilgrims. 512 more words

Creative Nonfiction Essays

Weekly Links: Harnarayan Singh makes history; Koelzer + Nurse talk diversity and women's hockey;

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!


Creativity Challenge 12 - Diversity

Language is a unique human gift, central to our experience of being human.

The languages we speak shape the way we think about space, time, colours… 266 more words


Football and Racism

Eeny meeny miney mo

Catch a tiger by the toe

If he hollers let him go

Eeny meeny miney mo

     This poem has a long, and sordid history. 968 more words


I Am Diversity

For Creativity Challenge Day 12: Diversity

I Am Diversity

A Native American grandmother,
keeping her secret, yet giving cryptic,
almost clear answers, to questions asked… 209 more words

Creativity Challenge