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Rainbow River Pics

These photos were taken with a film camera and the film was taken to CVS to be developed. The days of 1-hour Photo are long gone – now film is said to take two weeks to be developed because it’s sent to a lab. 69 more words


Hero does full-extension dive to save bottle of wine from smashing

Not all heroes wear capes.

This wine lover and king bro refused to waste a drop of alcohol when a bottle was rolling towards certain doom, so he dove full extension for it, caught the wine, and did a neat little roll on the ground. 28 more words


Bella Pizza

The second I spotted Dennis Bellisario’s cornicello around his neck, I knew there was a story to be told. Meant to protect against the malocchio (“evil eye”), wearing a cornicello doesn’t just mean you’re superstitious and approximately-Italian. 720 more words


Nebraska > Colorado

Interminable flatness slowly but surely gave way to rolling hills covered in scrub and my pulse quickened in anticipation. Any minute now, I would see the mountains. 264 more words


friday five: diners, drive-ins and dives.

Right from the outset, I realize this list is going to be mostly esoteric and, at times, completely foreign to the reader. While I’m hoping you choose to bear with me as I stroll down memory lane of these great, little eateries—some of which no longer exist—I’m also hoping it conjures memories of favorite places your parents took you when you were kids. 792 more words


Triple D in the Big D

For some entirely dumb reason, I had never been to Texas until late last year. What with every restaurant serving queso and texas toast, I was quickly SOLD. 310 more words