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Next 2 Specialties

I have already completed the Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) and Perfect Buoyancy specialties. My next two specialties will be Science of Diving and React Right. 101 more words

2nd Specialty

After becoming certified as an Open Water Diver, I first completed the Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN) specialty. For simplicity’s sake, nitrox gas is safer to breathe at shallower depths than the air we breathe up here on the surface. 131 more words

5th Project Aware Survey

During a 39-minute dive at Santa Rosa, off Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines, my dive buddy and I collected 9 pieces of debris weighing 1.05 kilograms. 193 more words

Santa Rosa

My 10th dive was at a new dive site: Santa Rosa off Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines. This dive spot is near the long pier where most visitors arrive at and depart from Olango. 281 more words

Wreck Revisited

For my 9th dive, I spent 54 minutes at Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary, reaching a maximum depth of 20.5 meters. As a fun dive, our goals were simply to practice buoyancy while picking up trash and taking photographs. 125 more words

White Hands

I have observed something underwater that I have not read about or heard about anywhere. If I am not mistaken, I noticed it during my first logged dive. 228 more words

Perfect Buoyancy

Caption: this is a bad photo of the “boxing ring.” It is a series of ropes for practicing buoyancy by swimming under, over, and around different ropes with proper trim and technique. 239 more words