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Are You Secretly Invested in Oil?

Conscientious citizens the world over are disgusted by the oil industry, hating the environmental destruction, greed, corruption, violence, and political repression it spawns. They refuse to purchase shares of oil companies because they do not want to invest in a destructive industry.  722 more words


Week Three: Patronage of Schools

The issue of patronage has been a hot topic issue in Ireland for a number of years. The vast majority, 96% of primary schools are owned and under the patronage of religious denominations and approximately 90% of these schools are owned and under the patronage of the Catholic Church.  878 more words


Public Meeting

Strathclyde Pension fund is the 2nd largest pension scheme in the UK, in terms of investment in the fossil fuel industry. It deals with 200,000 people who receive their pensions from over 200 organisations within the former Strathclyde area. 163 more words


The Divestment Dilemma: To Do or Not to Do?

By: Taya Nabuurs

A fourth-year UPEI student has recently brought to light the university’s investments in the fossil fuel industry with a petition he began in an effort to urge UPEI to divest from fossil fuels and re-invest in companies dedicated to renewable energy practices. 1,188 more words


The SU and the Nature of Public Discourse

By: Drew MacEachern

I have been with the Cadre for the past three years, and over that time I have been able to see the workings of several different Student Union Councils and Executives. 1,095 more words

Should Vermont divest?

Should Vermont divest? A recent study argues that Vermont’s state pension funds have given up $77 million in gains due to investments in fossil fuels. Gov. 54 more words


Pollution kills more people than terrorism, but which is taken more seriously?

Last year, a study concluded that up to 60,000 people die each year in the UK due to air pollution. The number of people who die in the UK due to terrorism? 868 more words