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Clark County Republican Party Commits Political Suicide

Unbelievable, but not surprising to see word leaking out at the Clark County Republican Party voting to oppose Republican candidates in the General Election. Candidates that are being challenged or opposed by Democrats! 419 more words

Clark County Issues

Religious terrorism aims to divide and recruit

Terrorism aims to divide. Religious based terrorism aims to divide religions, to divide people with different religious beliefs.

They aim to disrupt societies.

By alienating one group from another, by provoking animosity and fear of each other, they think they will bolster their aim of being a superior religion. 808 more words


Label, Divide, Conquer

The title of this post sounds like the campaign strategy of the Clinton campaign.

But division has been the plan all along. Are you prepared? 97 more words


Arrival Workshop: Boundaries

In the fantastically large auditorium of the Royal Danish Academy of Music – where DIS hosted its opening ceremony for Fall 2016 – Professor Salman Ahmad was talking to us about culture and about boundaries. 645 more words

Study Abroad


In my quest to know everything, and to know it now, I want to know why two fraction-calculating methods work.  I understand how adding and subtracting work with fractions, but multiplying and dividing fractions puzzles me. 198 more words

The Paradise is one

The paradise truly is one and the paradise truly is for one because of what one has done for the paradise and one returns or one once again enters into paradise which is one when one truly understands or learns to multiply, to divide, to add and to subtract one at the very same time for much more so that one for much more can continue with complete gladness and with complete joy and one also can continue in complete abundance in existence without ever stopping from living or without ever stopping from existing in her…