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10 years in the naughty North, 3 weeks in the sexy South - the meandering London journey migrates downstream

Death and taxes, are the only certainties in life right? And change the only constant? Well my 30th year in life has definitely dealt a surprise hand thus far. 442 more words


Yoga and Herbal Medicine

Is Yoga a form of New Age Orientalism, contributing to the West’s stereotypical view of the East?  What if I told you that by attending disciplines such as yoga, massage sessions or aromatherapy consultations you are contributing to the great East/West, Orient/Occidental divide? 659 more words


What Everyone Else is Talking About

In the past week, there were some harsh words said among military spouses. There was an article on SpouseBUZZ. There was a follow-up. And then, there was… 456 more words


Burnt Bridges

The story of a serene bond that was irreparably damaged by unfortunate circumstances. 274 more words


“Let no one split apart what God has joined together.”

My Quotes

The truth about your advice..

Is there anyone who could possibly
Tell me what to do?
No, because no matter how much I crave
The due advice,
The truth is, 44 more words


My heart is divided, cruelly,
by love I cannot decipher,
by people I cannot decipher.
Despite a profound sense of knowing,
Knowledge will not save me. 9 more words