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Sassy Siri On Your Iphone!

One of the Top-Trending Items this morning is asking “siri” to divide zero by zero!  There are several examples of people doing this – but the one above seems to be the best! 49 more words


SHH...Divisibility Testing in Progress

We are going to look at different ways that you can test the divisibility of different numbers. In this case, these numbers will be 2,5,10. 566 more words


A New Divide

Dear Ari,

When you see a baby get angry, it’s so cute because his face turns red and he looks like a little tomato. It’s irresistibly adorable. 323 more words

Anger Management

The Divide

Why do people have to live a life of hunger, desolation, and poverty?  A large fraction of those who do live such a life are so because they were born in the quick sand of poverty, no matter how hard you try you can’t come out of it. 580 more words


POEM: "Mother and Me"

Perspective: Mother and Me

When I said,

She heard me say,

“aslakawewae daaw me mee…”

“mommy, I’m hungry”

“da dada dada dada”

“Daddy makes me smile a lot, mama” 456 more words


world divide

Three parts. Each part has two sub sections.

Past: what happened in the past and why
what should have happened in the past and why… 35 more words