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Leave a space

Leave a space and someone will fill it, share all ideas for good and never get paid.

You have to own something with care and attention to make it grow. 137 more words


Tanka 35

I sometimes read stuff
I know I don’t understand
From the beginning –
All the way through in hopes I
Might be smarter than I thought… 86 more words


BUSTED: Trump-loving comment trolls pose as Sanders and Clinton supporters to divide Democrats

An Internet troll who claims to have found deep divisions among factions of the Left on Twitter laid out a plan Saturday for fellow Donald Trump supporters to exploit those fissures. 518 more words

Daily News

From Information to Justice on the Web

by Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

We live in a world saturated in technology and media. Many of us have a device that connects us to the rest of the world. 444 more words

Matthew Chase

Equi-Divider - A find ! / Compas à diviser - Une trouvaille !

Saviez-vous que cet outil existe ? Je ne le savais pas.

Did you know that tool exist ? I didn’t.

Il s’étire de 3″ (7.5 cm) à 24″ (61 cm) et permet de diviser instantanément des segments égaux. 205 more words

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Color of religion

As a child, they thought that Orange was the beautiful autumn leaf, Green were the trees, Yellow was the sun and Blue was the sky. But as they grew up, they realised Orange was Hindu, Green was Muslim, Yellow was Christian and Blue was the Sikh.


Trump and Khan: which tower are you standing in?

What’s going on with this world so divided?
There are two twin towers which one are you in have you decided?
Are you with Trump who wants a ban on Muslims in the USA… 320 more words

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