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Racism: Aiding to the Divide of Our People

I logged onto Facebook yesterday and had a new message notification, it was a message  from a complete stranger. We all get those from time to time, random people about random things. 396 more words

Stepping Down from Our Ivory Tower

Yesterday, I’ve come across a really disturbing facet of sociology as a discipline. This ran through my head for quite a number of occasions already, but it disturbed me less at that time since no reading on the subject matter during my college years (as far as I recalled) suggested that it is indeed a discipline that has the propensity to remain in its ivory tower for its very apparent nature – i.e., theorising about the dynamics of society and its primary components. 763 more words


Scraping the Currency Divide :: Online shopping missing feature!

One thing I will be building into X-Shop for XOOPS 2.6 is the ability to ‘Scrape Currency Divide’. What is this, well in different countries and markets we have different exchange rates, as well as people in similar position around the world paid, marketable different amounts of money for example an Employed programmer in Sydney would receive on average around 2000 AUD a week in salary or contractual pay, where a programmer in India might only take home 350 USD for a weekly salary or contractual payment rate (If they are lucky). 226 more words


A Divided Nation

I don’t mean to look down on your life,
On your streets and city.
I’m sorry I gave you no eye contact and moved a little… 62 more words


New on 500px : Continental Divide by cmcneill17

Wow, wish I was still there. I miss you Colorado, sorry I couldn’t stay longer.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1hejHRS

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