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The CAM - Conv. Med. divide

Have you, or do you, via patients hear of conflicts where patients disclose their CAM beliefs to their conventional medical health provider? What do you recommend to your patients to do in such cases? 30 more words


26th February 2015

Can’t wait this week to get to the end. I really need the weekend. I wanna relax, enjoy a lemonade with ice, and an ice cream with extra chocolate. 180 more words

#28PlaysLater - Submission 24: Are You Listening?

Are you listening?

By Kerrin Tatman

Six people walk around the stage in dim light. There is a spot light in the middle of the stage. 366 more words


I'll Leave You For Now, But Remember We Share The Destination.

Captive crystal
A grain of sand
A prism that seeks to break apart the solidarity of the light
But the colors only have themselves to converse with… 70 more words


The Strategy

Sometimes, most times

Everyone doesn’t do anything, and just one man is only an island.

I think it’s called “divide and conquer” .

We’re all only… 12 more words

Chaase Dylan

The Gap

As I have said to many of my friends and family that  are curious of the things that I am doing and studying, I am being broad in my studies of christianity,and the bible. 189 more words

Our Walk

The biggest challenge at university?

The most challenging experience you will encounter in your journey throughout three years of university won’t be the assignments. It won’t be the exams. It won’t be waking up for your 9am lecture after a night involving extraordinary amounts of alcohol and four hours sleep occasionally interrupted by the need to vomit. 318 more words