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Unity in Diversity

We are rich

In diversity

Each person

A unique


Of God

The unity

In diversity

The one

In the many

United we stand

Divided we fall… 29 more words

Divided We Lead

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    Leaders in all sectors — from business to sports to education — are publicly engaging in controversial political and social debates that they would have shied away from just a few years ago. 3,412 more words

    Money Matters

    United No More

    This is an editorial I wrote last year. I was given the subject of unity and how this works in the 21st century. These are my thoughts. 574 more words


    One life form, divided?

    Now that I’ve started this blog, I simply can’t stop. Thoughts are spilling out of my brain and onto my computer screen. It’s midnight.

    At the end of my previous blog titled “What is the meaning of life?” I asked this question… 274 more words

    Ghost Writer


    Our three year-old grandson is into Superheroes. Like super into Superheroes. He knows their names, their alter ego names, and the villain names. He knows their family, step-children, pets, and the name of their vehicles. 404 more words

    Jan To June 2018

    Sermon from 2/25

    We walk through a divided world and the question that scripture asks us is; “How do I contribute to the division in this world?” We all have preferences, things that we enjoy or that we resonate with on a deep soul level, but do we hold these things so tightly that we make them requirements for entry into the kingdom of God? 9 more words


    Origin Grill & Bar

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    A handsome drinking nook with cocktails inspired by Singapore’s storied past

    Bartender Adam Bursik, the easy-to-spot, hard-to-miss former bar manager of the now defunct The Library has found a new home at Origin Grill & Bar. 304 more words