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The dress that divided the internet

I’ve tried to stop myself, but I just cannot help but post about ‘The Dress’.

This one dress has divided the internet. What colour is the dress? 385 more words



In this modernized, techno-tycoon day and age,
in which illumination shines from an LED console;
a robotic voice sounds disturbingly soothing to me,
the i-Appleseed: now a weed growing out of control. 89 more words

Americana Injustica


I’ve noticed something lately. There’s a line being drawn between the haves and the have-nots. I’m talking about infertility. Women who are trying for number one are drawing a line between themselves and women trying for number two and up. 467 more words


You are known by your fruits

Your own actions are your judge. My own actions are my judge. That is why it is best not to judge. For as Jesus said it is best to remove the beam from your own eye before you try to remove the sliver from someone else’s eye. 597 more words