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I have left you
I broke up with
your tv-dinner conversations
and your come-hither tennis matches
all our past
is in the future

every egg-roll fortune… 69 more words




He divided (separated) us

From each other


But each one remains

Connected to him



He is the common bond

We share with each other… 26 more words


This was written before the presidential primaries.  Now people can see how wrong I was.

was at school today early for class like always.  I see a person I have talked to a few times before.   412 more words


How a more divided Turkey could change the way we think about Gallipoli

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been a central figure in linking the Gallipoli campaign with Islamic conceptualisations of the Turkish nation.

Brad West, University of South Australia… 732 more words


Distant Siblings

I’ve never had a close relationship with any of my siblings. Maybe because most of them were my dad’s kids and I wasn’t close to my dad. 815 more words

Street Fighter V Players Are Divided Over R. Mika’s Unusually Powerful Dash

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

R. Mika is a strong Street Fighter V character, maybe one of the best in the game. Despite receiving numerous adjustments by the developers in a recent patch, she continues to make her mark on the competitive landscape thanks to players like Du “NuckleDu” Dang and Keita “Fuudo” Ai. 1,094 more words


​A wonderful thing ...

A wonderful thing about true laughter is that it just destroys any kind of system of dividing people. ~ John Cleese