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Is Stock Market Investing Gambling?

Every so often I’ll be with someone who will talk about investing in the stock market and how it is just really gambling.  I usually nod along and smile, not really wanting to get into a big debate.  1,033 more words


Now on YouTube! (& Facebook Live soon!)

Hey guys and gals! I’ve recently transitioned to a new format – screen casting – for sharing ideas, setups, and analysis. I’m also trying to get the screen cast set up for Facebook Live (maiden voyage imminent!) in an effort to bring true live trading with me during market hours. 209 more words

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Buying On The Dip Part One

Hey everyone last week we seen some volatility on the stock market, a couple of days it was down then back up then down again. It was probably the most volatile week in a couple of years. 853 more words


Start to Invest in Three Easy Steps

Last school year, my son started an illicit chip business.  No, he wasn’t selling pirated computer chips he’d imported illegally from Asia and snuck in without paying tariffs.  1,046 more words


This Brilliant Young Investor Has a Secret Stock Picking Formula That Even Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna, and Ramesh Damani Didn’t Know—But Now You Can Know For Free

Lies, damn lies and statistics is a famous saying. Rahul Rathi, the ace investor from the house of Puranartha, has a different take.

“Numbers don’t lie as they are outcome of your actions over a long time.” says Rahul to Ramesh Damani in a free-wheeling chat. 342 more words

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The New Book, Cash Flow Your Way to Wealth, is Closer than It's Ever Been

I remember when I was involved in testing in one of our facilities (my day job is “rocket science,” or more specifically, aerospace engineering), one of the most irritating things that one of our test engineers would say was, “We’re closer than we’ve ever been.”  He would say this when you asked questions like “How much longer do you think it will be before we’re ready to test?”  The answer was absolutely correct, but totally useless. 972 more words


Time for Shopping

We have 2 rough weeks behind us and while personally, I am optimistic about the next week, there is no certainty yet that there will be a recovery. 489 more words