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Seeking Help for Migraines

I am a chronic sufferer of migraines. Unfortunately life does not stop just because I have an attack. Usually I take some over the counter medicine and sometimes they ease up, and other times they do not. 440 more words

Today’s Journey Tarot Ten of Water – Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups represents harmony and happy family, contentment and satisfaction. The traditional Ten shows a couple with their arms held up toward a beautiful rainbow. 91 more words


First reading with the Victorian Fairy Tarot – The Silence

This is my first spread with the Victorian Fairy Tarot app for iPad. The suits are divided as follows: Spring = Wands, Summer = Cups, Autumn = Pentacles, Winter = Swords. 664 more words


Past, Present, Future Obstacle Spread

This Past, Present, Future Obstacles spread is now available at Oracle of Avalon!

This spread looks into who you are now, your present obstacle, past issue still unresolved, the past obstacle, and the way ahead! 30 more words


Why Card Drawing is Good for Magic

Drawing cards is one of the hallmarks of control. Generating card advantage is how control decks win — ideally all a control deck wants to do is counter spells and draw cards until it’s out of reach. 964 more words


Shadowscapes Tarot-A Brief Review

I decided to buy the Shadowscapes tarot after seeing my sons deck. The artwork is amazing and there are so many interesting things to focus on in the pictures. 153 more words

Card of the Day, Tuesday March 3rd. 

The beautiful Queen of Cups.

She is a highly emotional person, yet she isn’t frivolous with her emotions. She knows how to process, accept, and move forwards. 69 more words