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Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 11-28-15

11-28-15 Today’s Tarot is the Father of Air. Take control of a situation that someone else may not be accomplishing. Do it gently, without causing anyone else to feel inadequate. 14 more words


Lepontic grammatomancy in verse

I mentioned in a post last year that I had been thinking about using the letters of the alphabet of Lugano—the oldest alphabet known to have been used for a Celtic language*—for divinatory purposes. 554 more words

Ammianus Marcellinus, Res Gestae 21.1.7-14

Digression on divination.

And being that, with a princeps educated and studious in all areas of knowledge, malevolent men impute as twisted the arts of foreknowing the future, let us briefly turn our attention upon how this may also add to a wise man, this kind of learning, scarcely trivial. 518 more words


Numerology: discover your future, life purpose and destiny from your birth date and name

While a number of people scoff at the idea of astrology, numerology, and other forms of divination I find them fascinating. As a Scorpio I can testify that the descriptions I’ve read about the personality fit me to a tee. 143 more words


Adventures in Magick: Elemental Foundations

Some Background Into What Led Me To This Point

Those who pass from the stage of interest and study of the occult into dedicated practice often find themselves following some sort of magickal program designed to advance their knowledge and skill of whatever path they pursue. 1,721 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 11-27-15

11-27-15 Today’s Tarot is the Father of Earth. If you are satisfied with what you have, you will always have enough. Gratefulness breeds abundance. This card is about that which endures and abundance.

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Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 11-26-15

11-26-15 Today’s Tarot is the Eight of Air. Do not allow fear to control you. Fear is a liar and a thief. Why would you trust it? 14 more words