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Daily Card Reading-17th January 2017

The card for today is Archangel Raphael. Raphael means “it is God who heals” and “God will heal”. Archangel Raphael is one who heals us mind, body and spirit. 976 more words


Jacks and Knucklebones


Jacks used to be a popular children’s game.  It’s considered old-fashioned today because you don’t play it on your phone, but it regains some of its popularity when the kids are stuck in the cabin during a storm and there’s no signal available. 1,379 more words

Card of the Day – Knight of Wands – Monday, January 16, 2017

Change, change, change! This is a year of great change! Can you feel it in the air? The Knight of Wands is the Bringer of Change and he is raring to get things going.

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Tarot: Grand Tableau Basics (Lenormand)

The formidable Grand Tableau…invoking fear into the heart of many a mystic. The greatest piece of advice I’ve received about reading Lenormand cards in the Grand Tableau is to break them down into small groups. 193 more words


Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 1-16-17

1-16-17 Today’s Tarot is the Nine of Earth. No one is really as confident as they seem to be. We’re all just pretending. This card is about abundance and self-absurdness. 7 more words


Daily Card Reading-16th January 2017

The card for today is Paul The Venetian. He was the Italian Renaissance Artist who moved to Venice from Verona (his birthplace) in the 1500’s where he painted religious murals and paintings. 500 more words


Energy of the Week: 7 of Cups

Which way is up? Pump the brakes! Seven of Cups is here to give a word of caution; don’t feed into the illusion!

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