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To Reverse or Not To Reverse

I know some tarot readers just turn their cards right side up while others read the reverse. I have a hard time with both… I’ve done readings using reverse readings in the past, but recently I’ve stopped. 67 more words


Card of The Day: Ace of Cups

The Universe extends its hand in offering to you; drink deeply of this joyful energy and find refreshment!

This is a card of emotional beginnings, (often identifying a new relationship/friendship) as well as emotional development. 179 more words


Setting New Moon Intentions

September has two new moons in the northern hemisphere. The second new moon is known as the “black moon” and it occurs in the astrological sign of Libra at 7:13 PM on Friday, September 30th. 671 more words

Card of the Day – Page of Wands – Wednesday, September 28, 2016 — Tarot by Cecelia

Another one from the Peanuts Tarot; I do believe it is everyone’s favorite deck. There is excitement and change in the air this week due to the recent direct motion of Mercury and Pluto, as well as the entrance of Mars into Capricorn.

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Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 9-28-16

9-28-16 Today’s Tarot is Key 1 Manifestation. What you think about, controls your reality. You have the power to change your thoughts and transform your world. 24 more words

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The three realms of existence

The flat zone- yin yang, black white, duality. Basis of the universe.

The everyday: life as most people see it daily- cartoons, families, customs, norms, languages, billboards, cars, bikes, clouds… 34 more words

[Tarot Newsletter] Dancing with The Lovers 💞

My latest Tarot Newsletter is out! This month’s card of the month is The Lovers ~ read on to learn how this archetype can assist you (not just romantic love by the way) :)  <3… 10 more words