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Day 4 - ShadowWorkOctober

Day four of the ShadowWorkOctober  challenge- Using the Lenormand deck again. They’re not really  intended to be used in this way, because interpretation of them (as far as I understand as a beginner) depends a lot on placement, and in this case I’m just pulling cards. 179 more words


Spring Equinox Ritual - Omen Notes and Interpretation

Sticking all my notes on this in one place for easy reference. I think I’ll do this with all of them, and I’ll remember, next time, to take a photo of the cards I drew to add to it so you can see them if you’re not familiar with the deck, but for now, have some wall-o-text. 1,166 more words

Day 4 - BATM Tarot Challenge

Day 4 of the Black and the Moon Tarot Challenge. Sorry for the somewhat crummy quality of this image.

Day 4- Where Are You Spiritually? 131 more words


Explicating the feelings

This weekend I have been experiencing strong feelings of self-doubt combined with terrible memories coming from who know where.

There was a guy in my high school I liked briefly, when I was sixteen. 683 more words

Tarot And Oracle Card Readings

Indigo Angel Card: October 4 2015 - Explore

Time to explore what’s around you and different aspects of the situation you are in. Take time to consider your place in this world and to stay open-minded. 39 more words


Minimalist Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a form of divination, which essentially means this: the deck is an oracle, and its purpose is to shed light on something that was previously dark to the reader- a question, an underlying reality, or the true nature of someone or something.  1,271 more words


**FULL**ORACLE CALL - October 2015


All three spots have been filled.
Issueing my monthly call for oracle requests.

How it works:

  • The first three people to message me at answersfromthemists at gmail dot com will be chosen.
  • 77 more words
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