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I’ve been busy reviewing books for Lip Mag recently. Reviewing books is a great way to discover new titles I may never have chanced upon before, and I must say young adult novel… 222 more words


Divine Clementine - Hayley S. Kirk

Divine Clementine
Hayley S. Kirk
Random House AU
2012, 366p
Read from my local library

Clementine is 16 and has always shared a special relationship with her aunt Stella, her mother’s younger sister. 783 more words

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Hey Yall!! SO I am full speed ahead with this here blogging thang! LOL!! Its taken me a minute but I think I have the hang of it..Still researching but I think I will be just fine.Anyhoo, you can leave your orders for ALL THINGS MADAM CJ!! 64 more words

Divine Clementine

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This may be the most therapeutic thing for me & the most lucrative ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I, Madam CJ, became a Certified SoapMaker in June 2009 courtesy of The Herb Lady, Eshe Rivears. 321 more words

Divine Clementine

Smelling Myself

Well the past coupla weeks I have been in reinvent mode. Reinventing my first ep,my stage show(which i am still wracking my brain about without trying to hire someone else to help me) and my overall marketing strategy. 135 more words

Divine Clementine