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Our paths are our own 

Once I had a vision of our connection to the divine source. It was after a particularly jarring experience, one in which I had to make very difficult choices about how to respond to someone I loved who was having a very destructive relationship with life. 592 more words

Energy Work

We are not victims

This is a most powerful spiritual practice. To begin to consider that we are not victims despite our sufferings and misfortunes is a shift in perception that can have a radically healing effect on our lives. 604 more words


Do Nothing

A male rain fell. Male rain is a Navajo way to say, a heavy downpour. Next day I walked in the Dallas/Barnhartvale Park, in the ‘northern desert’ of south central BC, a place of ponderosa pine forest, open grasslands, sage, 447 more words

Things I Worry About as a Mom AND Random Thoughts On Female Anatomy & Sensuality

Things I Worry About As A Mom

  • Will my boys eat whole foods when they fly the coop and maintain the cellular healthy eating habits I have taught them,
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Divine Consciousness

"I Am Awake...So I Often Cry Myself to Sleep"

“I met God in the month of May…  

On the thirtieth day, of the fifth month in the year two thousand thirteen.

God’s essence appears in waves…   34 more words

Thank You!

When you come to know yourself as part of Creator/God/the Energy of All There Is and you come to know all life is part of that same energy, you begin to understand that you are a part of all life too. 215 more words

Theta Musings