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A moment to marvel 

Even on the sunny west coast, the once bright green leaves are lightening to soft yellows or blazing into fiery reds and oranges. The bird songs are quieting. 370 more words

Raising Vibrations

DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS - Riding The New Plateau Of Energies - by Rainbow Phoenix - by Rumor Mill News - 105015

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Hi, Folks –

Received by e-mail from the Rainbow Phoenix folks:


Rainbow Phoenix

The giant Wave from Divine Consciousness has rolled in, but it has not dissipated! 80 more words


WAVE X - Intriguing channeling regarding what is coming

In the world of channeling, I have learned that the messenger may not be as important as the message – I am posting the following “as is” from… 2,077 more words

Other Food For Thought

Grief: the daily death

Usually when I post, I do it as a spiritual channeling exercise.  I take a few breaths, connect in with divine consciousness, set an intention and call for help from the universe to allow me to write something that is enlightening and inspiring for myself and any who read it. 864 more words

Divine Consciousness

We are intuitive 

The spiritual path brings many gifts. I have never had cause to regret the time I’ve invested in yoga or meditation or in learning how to unconditionally love. 844 more words


waterfall of love meditation

Imagine standing or lying down onto a strong and beautiful flat rock right below a magical, heavenly waterfall of pure Unconditional Love! See, feel and wholly sense an endless flow of pure pink sparkling Light washing over you! 209 more words

शिव सूत्र ५,६,७: Shiva Sutras Section 1, Sutra 5, 6, & 7 - Divine Consciousness I Am

उद्यमो भैरवः ।। ५ ।।

Udyamao Bhairavah  || 5 ||

Sudden Raising up/Elevating + The Formidable One, an epithet of Shiva/Divine Consciousness

5. Now Ascend to Divine Consciousness… 106 more words