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My dark night

Despite my spiritual awareness, there are times when the darkness descends. I imagine that is true for most people, if not all. In recent months this darkness has at times become so pervasive that creates my experience of a ‘dark night.’ 294 more words

Divine Consciousness

Shining Divine light in the darkness

This evening I light a candle of peace and love in the memory of those who died, were injured or otherwise traumatised by the events in London today. 92 more words

Divine Consciousness

Everything is passing though

A train has long appeared in my dreams as a representation of life’s journey. I see myself sitting on many different seats, looking at many different views, holding many different emotions. 359 more words

Divine Consciousness

Spring: Joy of being

When I think of spring, I am always reminded of a beautiful dream I had a few years ago in which I was walking down a path that was covered in thick snow; literally everything around me gleamed white. 144 more words

Divine Consciousness

When nothing on the outside works

For many years I was a devout spiritual seeker, mainly through the written word. Name the book, I’ve read it. I’ve got literally hundreds of spiritual texts and so-called self help books sitting on my bookcases at home. 656 more words

Divine Consciousness

My eternal summer

‘In the depths of winter, I finally learned there lay within me an invincible summer. And thar makes me happy, for it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger, something better, pushing right back.’ – Albert Camus… 414 more words

Divine Consciousness

Weaving My Way Into Menopause


Everywhere I look there are posts and article enticing me to take back my sexy, regain my libido, bring back the magic even in the midst of my moving into my menopausal years. 406 more words

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