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Your Body as the Energy of Divine Consciousness ~ June 11, 2017

This is pretty neat! I was conversing with a spiritual friend (who also happens to be a scientist) about vibrations, and how they affect everything… 1,731 more words

A little note on Happiness and Fawlty Towers

A good life is a happy life! Listening to our dreams, feeling connected, living with a vision, and aligning our heart and soul with divine consciousness are golden aspects of our soul growth, and with the right mindset we can have a pretty fun time doing it! 497 more words


God Only

O’ Wise Teacher please share what happens when an individual experiences heightened level of awareness?

The All Knowing Teacher revealed “As the consciousness grows and the awareness expands significantly the individual experiences a connection with the Divine or Universal Consciousness. 318 more words

Controversial Spiritual Guru Divine Consciousness

Encouragement Teaching of Controversial Spiritual Guru is Very Spiritual and For Spiritual Progress Controversial Spiritual Guru Required Less Time. This All Above shows that the importance of a Controversial Spiritual Guru in the human form for the spiritual growth of a seeker/disciple. 165 more words

Dear Woman

(Dedicated to women around the world who feel their song need to be sung)

Dear Woman,

Though they may tell you that you have sunk into the anonymity, the characterless plurality of being merely one of the women, just a daughter of her father, or a wife of her husband, or a sister of her brother, or a mother of her son. 947 more words

Aligning with the Higher Divine Self

(originally posted on 03/06/17)

Some of my friends have shown concern as to what’s going on. If everything is okay on my side. I want to reassure you that I am okay. 1,541 more words

Living an Authentic Life

(original posted on 06/17/16)

I have been inundated with emails and calls from friends and relatives, offering to help me “resolve the conflict” or “fix the problem”. 1,925 more words