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waterfall of love meditation

Imagine standing or lying down onto a strong and beautiful flat rock right below a magical, heavenly waterfall of pure Unconditional Love! See, feel and wholly sense an endless flow of pure pink sparkling Light washing over you! 209 more words

शिव सूत्र ५,६,७: Shiva Sutras Section 1, Sutra 5, 6, & 7 - Divine Consciousness I Am

उद्यमो भैरवः ।। ५ ।।

Udyamao Bhairavah  || 5 ||

Sudden Raising up/Elevating + The Formidable One, an epithet of Shiva/Divine Consciousness

5. Now Ascend to Divine Consciousness… 106 more words


Seeing Beyond The Illusion

Do you also find that you need reminders of the Sacred Teachings that you’ve already embraced many times in the past?!?!    The fog of forgetfulness (an inherent aspect of our 3-dimensional earth life) … 388 more words


Happy Guru Purnima! 

Bathe in the light of the full moon tonight as divine grace and mercy pour down upon us, showering us with blessings of bliss, energy, deep sleep, and strengthened connections to spirit as we honor and celebrate the ultimate guru within. 443 more words


Our paths are our own 

Once I had a vision of our connection to the divine source. It was after a particularly jarring experience, one in which I had to make very difficult choices about how to respond to someone I loved who was having a very destructive relationship with life. 592 more words

Raising Vibrations

We are not victims

This is a most powerful spiritual practice. To begin to consider that we are not victims despite our sufferings and misfortunes is a shift in perception that can have a radically healing effect on our lives. 604 more words


Do Nothing

A male rain fell. Male rain is a Navajo way to say, a heavy downpour. Next day I walked in the Dallas/Barnhartvale Park, in the ‘northern desert’ of south central BC, a place of ponderosa pine forest, open grasslands, sage, 447 more words