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The Burden You Carry

If you pay attention to the beauty around you;

Soon enough you’ll forget about the burden you carry,

Until it disappears.

Divine Nature

Staying Awake

Waking up and staying awake are not always easy. Our ego enjoys being asleep because then it gets to think only about its self even if there are others in its dream. 39 more words



“What do you know about struggle?” he asked. 122 more words


pure desire

Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you… 289 more words


Rest in the Sea of Spirit 2/6

Now let me show you how this works out so that you will not lose patience with yourself, so that you will understand that you really do have a work ahead of you and not play, and not just the blind faith. 1,236 more words


Some thoughts on suffering (part 2 of 3)

My life experiences and contemplations have brought me to the conclusion that without suffering it would be all too easy to remain in mind-dom i.e. in the clutches of the emotional mind. 278 more words


Thought Warriors

It is useless trying to protect material things. If you are, you are way too attached. And if someone  wants to take them from you, then you get to be generous. 28 more words

Divine Nature