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Thought Warriors

It is useless trying to protect material things. If you are, you are way too attached. And if someone  wants to take them from you, then you get to be generous. 28 more words

Divine Nature

You Are Your Own Sovereign Authority

We are the Light of Divine Consciousness in human form!!

It’s true…and yet we are only beginning to trust this truth as valid and certain for ourSelves. 361 more words


How to Heal part 2 1/6

How to Heal, Part 2
Adelaide Closed Class, 1958
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 203B

Good afternoon. I was a little bit concerned that when our students in other parts of the world hear these tapes they weren’t going to believe really and truly that they were our classes, because there was no any drilling on them and no streets being dug up, no fire wagons going by. 1,158 more words


Shakti and Goddess Power (Part 1 of 3)

I’ve heard the term “goddess” used in various circles, suggesting there are different understandings of what this concept implies. I’ll present 3 separate posts that cover some of the results of my research into the tantric definitions of “the goddess”, starting with the overarching concept of Shakti. 462 more words


Higher Consciousness

“You exist in time. But you belong to eternity.”

I live for those moments on Earth spent in Divine consciousness.

I encounter them often. Mostly when I read something inspiring or when someone says just the right thing that resonates with every fiber of my being.

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“Here’s to You, Mr. Price”: Journey of Purpose 2.0 - Day 05

Guiding Thought

My Purpose is to awaken to the Truth within me and share it. The Truth within me–My Inner Divine Mind–flows constantly and purely. As I go deeper in my awareness, the current of this broadens, strengthens, and brightens. 391 more words


Our infinite hearts and limited bodies 

We simply can not move through this life without dissapointing others.

My baby is teething right now and when she is in pain she simply wants me right there holding her, fully there, eyes on her, comforting her with all I have until she feels better. 394 more words

Spiritual Practices