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Clear Your Path

💫 I drew a card from Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes Oracle cards and came up with the 20 card, Clear the Path. This deck was made to help us open our connection with the divine consciousness. 66 more words

The fear of Oneness

When I talk about our Oneness with the divine, sometimes fear is the response.

There are pictures that help us see who we really are. We are an extension of God in this reality. 1,270 more words

What Now

Perspective and Perfection

From the viewpoint of Divine consciousness, the purpose of life is remarkably simple: evolution and expansion through experience. The entirety of the world of form – from mundane inanimate objects to planets to water to plant and animal life to human beings and beyond – exists as a mechanism for the Divine to have experiences. 282 more words

Spiritual Awakening

The Burden You Carry

If you pay attention to the beauty around you;

Soon enough you’ll forget about the burden you carry,

Until it disappears.

Divine Nature

Staying Awake

Waking up and staying awake are not always easy. Our ego enjoys being asleep because then it gets to think only about its self even if there are others in its dream. 39 more words



“What do you know about struggle?” he asked. 122 more words


pure desire

Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you… 289 more words