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The following happened three mornings ago.  It was a new kind of experience for me.  It was incredibly vivid and I was not dreaming.  If the reader desires, he/she can go to this link to listen to the sounds of the sun which resembles uncannily to what I also heard/felt/experienced in the following trance: … 502 more words

Law Of One

Holy Saturday: The Archetypal Jouney Into Brokenness

I am indebted to Cynthia Bourgeault for her books, Wisdom Jesus, and The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity. 553 more words

Law Of One

Christianity In the Law of One Material, Part 2: Who was Christ?


The topic of Christ can be daunting in trying to explain one’s understanding of it.  I am so aware of great attempts by other people that I wondered if I had anything to say.  5,532 more words

Law Of One

Christianity in the Law of One, Part 1: Implications of the Trinity

This is the first essay in a trilogy that examines the Christian implications in the Law of One Material.  In this reflection, I attempt to look at the Law of One Material’s description of the first three Laws of the endless, infinite unity of Oneness and suggest that there are strong implications for a triune nature of God. 2,839 more words

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