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The Ascended Master of light

For the last 17 plus years I have been writing about the ascended Masters, Archangels and councils of light and teach classes and private sessions on… 1,680 more words

Ascended Master

The Violet Flame Ray

First let us discus Light, a movement from left to right time elapses. Red wave has the lowest frequency, the purple wave is the highest frequency and the frequency is the number of waves that pass a point in space during anytime interval which is within one second. 10,418 more words

Ascended Master

Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!

From Divine Cosmos

By David Wilcock

21 million Russian-speaking people watched David Wilcock and Ben Fulford expose the secret war to defeat the “New World Order” being waged by an international alliance — including the astonishing destruction of at least 26 underground bases between August 2011 and January 2012. 392 more words

David Wilcock's Latest, 8-6-14 (Russian Documentary)

“Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!”


(Tee Hee!!)

I will certainly never forget the year 2011. That August earthquake in VA rocked this building in MA back and forth for over a minute. 50 more words

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FULL EPISODE of David on Coast: The Global Initiation

From Divine Cosmos

by David Wilcock

July 31, 2014, 11:56 am

Enjoy David’s long-awaited comeback to Coast to Coast AM as a full-length guest, discussing the global initiation we are all moving through, how it is being generated by mysterious cosmic forces, and what we need to learn from it today! 379 more words

Brief Message From David Wilcock (Dated)

I’m posting this just because. It would take too long for me to give all of the reasons as to why. It’s the result of many, many intuitions I’ve had over the last months upon coming across a wide variety of articles. 113 more words

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