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What It Means To Be A Strong Woman (from a 20-something)

In a society where “Queen” Beyonce is most little girls (and most 20-30 year old’s) version of what it means to be a strong woman, I decided to interject a little with my own thoughts. 1,196 more words


The rise of the lady-dudes

I’m storming along the sidewalk, edging closer to her, stomping my boots in the heavy tracks I make as I race down the pavement eager to get home after my day. 870 more words

Evolution Of Man

Spiritual Marriage Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

So what is the spiritual marriage between masculine and feminine energy and what is so important about these two energies?  These two energies are the genetic makeup of the universe and everything in the universe contains both of these energies.  1,848 more words


Yab Yum & Meditation + Sex

I was introduced to Yab Yum via a follower on Instagram. I had a vision & I shared it with my followers. I pretty much said that I envisioned me & my next lover meditating together, me sitting on his lap facing him & our hearts lined up, third eye lined up. 894 more words


Full Moon Energy ~ Super Moon ~ Summer Solstice Finale

The Summer season has been AWESOMENESS during August (still is!!!). The opportunity to expand, share & connect our LIGHT/SOUL Energy has been provided in abundance of diverse ways by both Divine Feminine of Gaia in Harmonic Universe-3 & Divine Masculine from the cosmos above. 243 more words


Your Menses and The Moon: The Connection

In regards to my last post, I called my menses my “moon” and stated that we our cycles are connected to the moon. A few women asked me “What is our connection to the moon?” 1,006 more words

Love Thyself

Does Planet Earth Presents Itself as Masculine or Feminine Energy?

Planet Earth is quite a unique planet that is in our solar system.  Many groups of people around the world describe earth as feminine energy because of how the earth provides food and nourishment for its inhabitants.  588 more words