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Lemurian Awakening & New Crystal Age | Ascension Energies

Shekina Rose –  Awakening: Rise of Sacred Feminine Divine Power, Calling in the Slphys Devas Angels of Air, anchored in Sedona at the Cathedral Rock Twin Flame Temple, Portal Vortex where the ley lines connect to the sacred sites throughout the Earth. 10 more words

Twin Flame Journey Pt 2

Yesterday I posted the first half of the reading which went through the first 6 cards of the spread, three for the masculine energy, and three for the feminine energy of the twin flame union for the month of July. 783 more words

Daily Energies 6/14/19

Today’s card is the Ace of Cups

The energies for today are all about abundance. You are full of intuition and love and you feel a deep spiritual connection. 155 more words

Roses and Thorns.

There is so much meaning in a rose. Love, romance, delicate petals, depth in the whorls of the petals. There is hope associated with the rose, and compassion and gentleness. 133 more words

Daily Reading

Divine Feminine Energies have Anchored in the Collective Consciousness - Awakening 5D Healing - via dreamweaver333

Thanks to dreamweaver 333


High frequency Divine Feminine energies have anchored in the collective consciousness. No easy task. Consistent seed sowing light work has awakened humanity to it’s truth, women have been gagged for too long. 361 more words


You may have an opportunity to collaborate with someone on a project today and there may be a reluctance on your part to commit to that partnership. 199 more words

Daily Reading