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Anchoring into 5D and Beyond: Be Bold, Be True, Be Actual

We are crossing back and forth now, over the threshold of this doorway into More. It’s here that we either choose to go back, or we choose to embrace the higher-dimensional potentialities that are being broadcast to us in the language of light, sound, and feeling-knowing resonance. 1,306 more words

Spiritual Transformation

Mishpacha and the Red Heifer

Someone at Mishpacha Magazine was nice enough to send me a pdf version of the article on the red heifers in the Golan. I wrote about it here… 32 more words

Red Heifer

💫A music of Tones 💫

A music of tones……. 432hz is a beautiful tone to listen, there is the pure tone or music mix with the tones, it is a healing frequency that brings harmonization to our body and energy, as I search the internet for a meaning this was one of the meanings I got: 459 more words

Connecting to The Divine Feminine Friday 13th Special Ritual

On September 13, 2019 this day resembles some very powerful divine energy. It falls upon the magickal day of Friday the day of Venus, the lovely energy of beauty, wisdom, power and magick. 485 more words

Rev. Bryan Rawls

Sacred sexuality

As I am more than half way through my Saturn return period my message is becoming clearer.

This week I confirmed my place in a course to become a sex therapist specialising in self pleasure. 795 more words

Mindfully Emoting

We break down. Eyes glittering with tears, fingers brushing the tears aside. We have an outburst. Anger still boiling in our blood stream, while steam is coming out of our head. 511 more words

Green Tara

Deeply inspired by my recent trip with friends to the Centro Budista o Sel Ling in Soportujar, Las Alpujarras, I just had to paint Green Tara.  14 more words