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Is the concept of "Divine Feminine" just a part of new age "Respectability Politics"?

Honestly everyone has this very Puritain Christian idea of what the Divine Feminine is …… that we sit her and purge (receive and suffer) for the divine male counterpart. 92 more words

33 Uses of the Divine Feminine App - #32 Virtual Events

Tip #32 for using the divine feminine app.

Go to search, click on View Virtual events, find one you are interested in, like the one on the top of the page, free Live Breath with Hestia Mini Workshop with… 105 more words

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The Earth Plan: Shifts in Power, Rise of the Divine Feminine (description box) ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 July 2019

Please listen to this update from Aluna Ash here.  Meg Benedicte also talks about this shift in power (here).


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This Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse is symbolic of the shifts in power for humanity that are taking place internally and externally. 21 more words

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I had a dream, many years ago, in which I was back at my old school (Islamic) in between a group of 3 religious sisters wearing niqaab, and 4 brothers wearing khamiis. 285 more words

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Novena to Mary Magdalene

It is very difficult to separate the story of Mary Magdalene from historical facts, myth and political intrigue.   Nevertheless,  the Cult of Mary Magdalene had a strong hold in France during the Medieval Ages. 1,091 more words

Divine Feminine

33 Uses for the Divine Feminine App - #33

Share and Organize your Astrology – What is Going On in the Skies and Natural Cycles

Go to the News section where we always have a Community Astrology Post.  167 more words

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Hathor is the embodiment of energy in its most kinetic forms. Her eyes glitter with excitement; Her tightly coiled hair bounces with every movement; Her lips pull back in a wide, joyful laugh that shakes Her bosom and belly. 118 more words