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I tried to kill myself once

painted turtle by Summerhill Lane

I tried to kill myself once

Dear loved ones,

I have been dreaming about writing this blog post all night long and the thing that has been foremost in my heart has been my divine masculine.  555 more words


Current Energy for Divine Masculine and Twin Flames

Dear Twin Flames,

this card is the current energy for Divine Masculines and the guidance for Twin Flames Journey. It means, Divine Feminines are being asked to take a look at their relationships (especially with themselves). 137 more words


Energi Divine Masculine dan Panduan Bagi Twin Flame

Dear Twin Flame,

kartu ini adalah energi saat ini untuk Divine Masculine dan panduan untuk Perjalanan Twin Flames. Artinya, Divine Feminine juga diminta untuk melihat hubungan mereka (terutama dengan diri mereka sendiri). 136 more words


We Must Ride Tonight

Pine trees beside a lake by Summerhill Lane

A poem from divine feminine to her divine masculine.

We Must Ride Tonight

The hardest year, the brightest year… 106 more words


To Aphrodite of the Flower, at Knossos

Leave Crete and come to this holy temple

where the pleasant grove of apple trees

circles an altar smoking with frankincense.

Here roses leave shadow on the ground… 287 more words


Adam to rule over Eve: what the . . . !

Check out Medium, a great hosting site that offers excellent articles. It’s like a blogosphere on steroids, but instead of “likes” writers are given “claps.” … 31 more words


Quarantine Dreams ~ By ElizaBeth Coira


(Click image to enlarge. Click play to hear a recorded reading.)

Photo: (C) 2020 ElizaBeth Coira. Spring amidst quarantine at Loon Lake, Washington.