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How far have you come from the one you were before?

Transformation is the only thing that is constant in this universe, we need to expand our awareness let ourselves be the one we came here to be, being in alignment with our higher self, being aware our actions have consequences, being responsible of our actions and taking responsibility of our mistakes and stepping forward with responsibility and integrity we find the freedom we were looking for all along

Radha Krishna the eternal Twin flames 💖

Krishna came into this world to teach about love.

Not the barter love we see around us but pure unadulterated and unconditional love. The love that is greater than any religion, societal rules, morality codes, and worldly norms. 220 more words


Drink from the Silver Cup

I was a sensitive child and could often sense what others were feeling. When in a large group, it could be especially intense, like when I went with my grandparents to their church. 691 more words

Unexpected inspiration.

I love the imagery in this card – a young girl frolicking in the water with a Dolphin, while the moonlight lights up the sky and water. 277 more words

Daily Reading

A challenge comes to help you awaken.

As we go thru life, thinking, saying, doing, communicating, receiving information, we are presented with challenges on situations that test our spiritual integrity, we all go thru it. 365 more words

Divine Feminine

Translating Infinity

My inner guidance over the years has been, “No need to concern yourself with detailed scientific explanations of your experiences with nonhuman intelligence. Just keep documenting it for a future time, about what this is like and how it changes you.” Frequency, resonance, and vibration deliver data from what feels like an infinite field of consciousness. 1,074 more words

Evolution Of Consciousness

i can see clearly now.

thank you so much for being here with me and may this message provide another tender bit of confirmation and joy for you in this moment. 526 more words