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Newness Comes

Oracle Reflections- New Beginnings

New Beginnings are a chance to start fresh. Wiping the slate clean. A New Perspective.  A New Chapter is being written in your Book of Life.  204 more words

Oracles Of Reflection

I Ching: KAN hexagram 坎卦

This quote from ancient Chinese sage philosopher: Lao Tzu, guides one to release the hardness of the “clenched fists” which leads to the death of divine grace and instead to soften tensed emotions of oneself for more blessings to come. 13 more words


You Are Not Alone

I often look around me and I get a sense of heaviness that some people carry around. There’s a palpable depth, like a vacuum – a mix of sadness, disappointment and a faint glimpse of hope, even as they say, “Today will be a good day.” 419 more words



“Yet return again to Me, says the Lord.”–Jer. 3:1

Could there be a more touching “Thus says the Lord” than this? The voice of Jesus, as it echoed over the mountains and along the valleys of our unregenerate distance from God, seeking and finding and bringing us home, was inexpressibly sweet and irresistibly gracious. 545 more words


How to Act in Church

When I was a child, the adults use to talk to us often about our behavior in church. There were certain things that you could not do that seemed written in stone. 538 more words


Keep Pace

Keep pace and aware of God’s surprises
They happen when we least expect
A telephone call, a kind word,
A welcoming, affirming smile,
The beauty of soft rain, so needed, 85 more words


Lisa's Walk with God

Today’s post is a guest post, written by my good friend Lisa. I am trying to convince her to start a blog, because she inspires me every day. 667 more words