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There are no Accidents!

Nothing ever happens by accident in this enlightened Universe. There are no coincidences in the enlightened being’s understanding of life.  Even your decision to read this article is not an accident.  200 more words


The Awesome Efficiency of God

Precious Papa, thank You for Your peace that surrounds me as I surrender another day to You.

I am certain that You have the power to order all things, and Your incomprehensible Divine Intelligence knows the perfect way to do it. 74 more words

How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind

One of the world’s most renowned atheist philosophers, the late Antony Flew, a few years ago launched a blistering attack on the bestselling author of ‘The God Delusion’, Richard Dawkins, calling him a ‘secularist bigot.’ Professor Flew set the agenda for modern atheism and went on to publish more than thirty books on atheism. 76 more words


What frightens me most.

Abandonment is very scary. It was war time when I was born. The adults were preoccupied. I didn’t see my Air Force dad much. When he did return and sat on the couch, he would let me rub his aching feet. 1,362 more words


The Whisper in Your Heart

From the angels: Dearest humanity, we are with you. You are not alone. Angels are in your life, and in your world. Hear us in the soft whisper inside your heart. 28 more words

Divine Intelligence

Learning vs Creating- the paradox of divine consciousness

In current times, the consciousness of the learning process reflects the concept that it is simply the accumulation of data with a capacity to regurgitate that info at any time. 547 more words

Personal Growth

The Importance of Meditation (4/4)

Infinite Way Letter
January 1955

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 4
The Importance of Meditation
Daily Inspiration

In order that we may fill ourselves with the Spirit of God, which is the wine of inspiration, the living water that is to spring into newness of life, we must empty ourselves of whatever thoughts, beliefs and opinions that act to separate us from the Presence and the Power of God. 769 more words