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Ishvara pranidhana (Niyama #5)

Ishvara Pranidhana – ईश्वर प्रणिधान – Surrender to the Divine Consciousness

Ishvara = Divine Consciousness, Pranidhana = to surrender.     In this final niyama, ego sheds from you like a snake that’s outgrown its skin.  385 more words


Silver Lining Story - This or That

I discovered that my right headlight cover was cloudy. I’d never seen this before on any of my previous cars. At my regular oil change on a Friday in October, at the auto shop they said to replace the entire headlight. 253 more words


Happy Heart

Hello Beloved one

“You will always live happy if you live with heart.”

To live with heart is freedom from judgement.

To live with heart is to be free to BE the SOUL BEING of LOVE you are. 476 more words

Joyful Awakenings

Music Video - Keepers of the Earth

This Music Video “The Keepers of the Earth” is a must see. Please watch – and please share it. It is a beautiful message to all of us. 38 more words


Video - meditation, for inner stillness

Here is a 1.17 minute YouTube video from my TV interview on – meditation, for inner stillness.




Everyone Hears the Divine Inner Counsel

We all hear the inner counsel. It is in every person. It is a part of who we are—as souls. Every one of us is a soul, embodied—here in this life to give of our unique spirit. 59 more words


Belief or unbelief - it's an act of faith

I never cease to be amazed by the arrogance of those who contemptuously dismiss people who believe in God as being intellectually deficient in comparison with their superior intelligence. 98 more words