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The Truth about Mercury Retrograde 

I think it’s important to clarify this natural phenomenon, as my guides are telling me it’s much needed at this time. Although I think it’s wonderful Mercury Retrograde is once again becoming a part of our modern collective consciousness, I believe its effects are widely misinterpreted and misunderstood as a period to be feared or dread. 822 more words


The mathematical odds required for life

Astrophysicist Hugh Ross points out that for life of any kind to exist the number of electrons present has to be equivalent to the number of protons to a factor of one part in ten to the power of thirty seven. 116 more words


Christ's Ambassadors

A few years ago I found a great recording and sent it to my family. A Greek Orthodox priest had gone to Africa and found people in Kenya who were receptive to Christ’s teachings. 780 more words



The innocence of my life was that I loved. The path of my life has led me on a journey that I never questioned or wondered about. 842 more words


Appreciation Of Nature And Creation

A couple of weeks ago I penned a few brief words, as I pondered the ludicrousness of ignoring our Creator. The words are short and sharp and pointed, but they are not meant to harm, merely to open a shutter of light and let the awareness of magnificence in … 218 more words


Your Life Matters

Spontaneous Divine insights, received through inner voice, while viewing TV show Project Afterlife (recommended, channel Destination America):

Every life matters…

Your life matters…

There is good and evil…

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Divine Intelligence

The Value of our Sense of Smell

No doubt this idea is already out there.  I don’t know for sure because I haven’t checked, I can only be sure it is a thought occurring simultaneously to many of us as that is how the collective consciousness works, especially in these days of the new consciousness frequency! 747 more words