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Depth and Height

Metaphors are so much fun! In the Bible, the language of parables (“parabolic language”) and symbolic logic are the standard. Just grasping those things on their own terms is a whole new vista of sky and mountain that does not exist in Western intellectual traditions. 436 more words


The Cult and Police

I don’t want to write about this, but divine justice demands it of me.

During my time in the US Army Military Police Corps, some of my superiors kept track of civilian professional law enforcement training along with the underlying philosophical issues. 712 more words


Our Judge Jehovah

How do we apply divine justice to the events in our world? What shall we say when someone asks us, “Ain’t that awful?” Your only concern is what God calls you to do. 837 more words


Latest Edition of the Tower of Babel

I’ve noted often that if you evaluate Western Civilization by Western values, it’s hard to notice the flaws. There are different kinds and levels of systems, but Western Civilization as a system is devoted to proving the system is right. 1,350 more words


The Cult, Part 3

The cult is not Judaism.

Up to now what I’ve said about Judaism is pretty much what you might learn at any evangelical Bible college or seminary. 1,573 more words


Movie reflection: “Assassination”

Note: Spoilers below.

Jeremy, one of two incoming seminarians, invited me to watch the Korean film “Assassination” on Aug. 19 at the Loews near the Boston Common. 387 more words


Of Judgement And The Wrath Of God (3)

Let’s stay with the person whom I might label the foolish motorist for a moment or two. There he is with his shiny new motor of which he is inordinately proud. 447 more words