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It’s disturbing.

Fundamental to the concept of civility is that we recognize the difference between private and secret. That is, we keep from others only what is private — stuff that, best you can tell, does not affect them and is none of their business. 616 more words


BLDJ Published

This book was actually meant to replace the old archived document “Studies in the Laws of Noah,” but once I got to working on it, I found much of the old material no longer reflects where I am today. 34 more words


BLDJ: Chapter 8

(Serializing here the draft of my book, Biblical Law: Divine Justice.)

8. What Now?

Now you understand all of David’s blather in Psalms about loving God’s Law; His Law is love itself. 831 more words


Should Christians Engage in War?

I was recently engaged in an interesting conversation about this topic and began to revisit where I stand. Not much has changed…since it seems that as I get older and I mature in the faith and in biblical studies, my stance on certain issues have become more solidified. 3,368 more words


New Book: Biblical Law

Current working title is Biblical Law: Divine Justice (acronym for future reference: BLDJ). I’m serializing the chapter drafts here, so today I’m posting what would be the first chapter. 770 more words


Flashback: The Rehabilitation of Peter

A major focus here at Kiln of the Soul virtual parish is healing, of restoring divine justice to the lives of individuals. Naturally that puts our emphasis on pastoral counseling. 96 more words


Chapter 6: The Wheel of Transmittance

Each spirit particle is birthed into life with the purpose of obtaining eternal life. Or the continuous flow of life. They must absorb the specified amount of light within the set time frame. 668 more words