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In knowledge man is limited on every subject that he trod                                                                                                                His questions far outweigh all the answers he gets from God                                                                                                         On every topic his wisdom is limited in scope                                                                                                                                   Compared to God he is a colossal dope… 782 more words

God's Sovereignty

Communion = Dependence

We are designed for communion. While the priority is on communion with our Creator, it seems rather necessary that we are able to commune with our own inner selves first. 1,151 more words


Can You Smell?

One of my high school teachers was on a trip to some big city here in the US. Early one morning as he was driving through this big metropolis, he stopped at a light where some small kid was hawking the local fat Sunday newspaper from a traffic island. 442 more words


Psalm 54

David wrote several psalms while fleeing Saul’s hand. This refers to the narrative in 1 Samuel 23. In this case, David with his private army was hiding somewhere south of Hebron, in the open country near the village of Ziph (named after a grandson of Caleb of Conquest fame). 399 more words


Psalm 52

This psalm references the narrative in 1 Samuel 21-22. The story is filled with violations against the Covenant. Doeg was an Edomite, a foreigner from a tribe notorious for treachery and shocking immorality at times, though obviously he was a convert under the Law. 353 more words


The Power of Truth

It makes a difference.

Heart-led obedience to the Lord is a partnership. You conform yourself to the moral fabric of Creation and experience the full joy and power His personal Presence. 513 more words