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Divine Justice

A Bully, a coward sitting across the table.

Using harsh words at me, to make himself look bigger than me.

These kinds of people, steal others’ wind; 129 more words

Divine Justice

Anger, Reflection, Calm, and Peaceful Sleep (Psalm 4 Bible Study)

Anger is a secondary emotion – it usually comes from a deep sense of hurt and injustice.  It’s a cry of unresolved pain that seeks justice and comfort.  176 more words


Poem: Mary of Oignes: Six

God, the council as a body,
makes her separate states
pass away quickly and pleasantly
by a light, slender arrow
borne on the wind.

His right to take… 33 more words


Should Christians pray for divine vengeance? (Psalm 109 Bible study)

Many people today, even Christians, may think that asking God for divine vengeance upon enemies is an ‘unloving thing’ to do.  They reason that because God wants “everyone” to be saved and no one to perish that therefore divine punishment is a horrible idea on the basis of texts like… 218 more words

Haydn's Church Devotions & Bible Studies


What’s primary today? Is it what’s capturing your attention or money or valuable time? Do you perceive what’s secondary, and why its not gripping your life today? 285 more words


A Better Way: Divine Justice/Judgment (It Might NOT Be What You Think)

The way we believe life works, reality runs, and the universe behaves greatly shapes who we become and how we behave.  In a true sense, then, whether we believe in God or not, our conception of Divine justice and judgment greatly informs how we view and treat others (ESPECIALLY those who’ve wronged us) and ourselves.   103 more words



You spun the tangled webs of deceit

When the one who trusted you chose to cheat

You had many chances to rewrite your life sheet… 126 more words