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Divine Exploitation

We exploit tribulation.

Does anyone have to tell you that our current situation, at least here in the West, constitutes the condition the Bible calls “tribulation”? 764 more words


The Religion of Choice

A legal, works-based religion is the religion of choice of mankind. Travel throughout the world; listen to religious teachers; examine all the man-made creeds since the beginning of time.

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Riding for Justice

Today’s journey wasn’t remarkable in terms of touring the countryside. With only one minor variation, it was the new Harrah Loop counterclockwise. The single variation was, after passing the SDA Academy and retirement village on NE 63rd, I turned north on Peebly. 838 more words


God Blows the Whistle

This should be an easy doctrine to absorb: Be sure your sins will find you out.

This goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when God characterized the unjust bloodshed of Abel as crying out to Him from the ground. 420 more words


Proverbs 15 (Part 2)

18. A wrathful man stirs up fighting, but one slow to anger calms fighting. Don’t give someone else control over your feelings, unless you are capable of killing all your new enemies and living with the consequences. 1,089 more words


Psalm 58

As with the previous psalm, this one uses the tune of “Do Not Destroy.” And like many other psalms, the Hebrew poetic grammar is quite difficult. 686 more words


Controlling Obsession to Control

Obsessions enslave us.

It’s a direct insult to God — poking Him in the eye — when you seek control over things He said were His to control. 628 more words