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“Ah, how would natural men soar to heaven – upon the pinions of their own merit! The sunbeams of Divine justice will soon melt such weak and wax wings!”

William Secker

Christian Life

Jesus Christ - "I'm counting on your prayers..."

Holy Love Ministry

April 10, 2017

St. Francis de Sales says:

“Praise be to Jesus.”

“Those who do not listen and heed these Messages* do not have regard for their own judgment before God. 444 more words


Lenten Readings: Day 29

Stumbling and Questioning

Paul in today’s second reading from the Daily Office Lectionary continues to struggle with God’s justice. While committed to the idea that God is just, he also is dealing with the idea that God is in control. 1,173 more words


Lenten Readings: Day 28

Is God Just?

So apparently I cannot count. I wrote two blog posts labelled “Day 22” and somehow did not notice. Anyway, today is Day 28! 1,056 more words


The Confident Christian (Psalm 62)

On January 3, I preached a message from Psalm 62 at the chapel service of the Assemblies of God national office. It’s titled “The Confident Christian.”


The windmills of Time

The bath-tub was anointed with lavender oil and rose petals. Deva Bapu rose from the tub. 3 female attendants knelt to spread a fluffy white towel at his feet. 285 more words

Social Causes

Kiln blog: They Could, But Won't

A prophetic message that uses politics to make a point; excerpt…

Judah didn’t have to face exile in Babylon. Even after all their many failures, slipping into idolatry, they could have settled into their punishment at God’s hand by serving Babylon quietly. 210 more words