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Islam: The Religion of... Logic? (2/3)

Often described as the Religion of Violence, Islam had a golden age spanning from the 8th-12th century (CE). The previous post brushed over the Islamic Golden Age and Kalam. 1,014 more words


Divine Justice ('Adl)

Anyone who believes in Islamic monotheism must believe in the Almighty’s justice. Because Allah is just, He never wrongs His creatures, for injustice is an evil deed while He is far from doing evil. 535 more words

Divine Justice


An old friend visited me lately
Gentle as a dove, tough as a lioness!
Loving, yet severe unto harshness! Her countenance, a molten volcano on the tree of life! 153 more words


Heart of the Mission

Heart-led living is not the mission, but the means to it.

Whole civilizations rose and fell under the fundamental assumptions of heart-led living and paid little heed to our Creator. 940 more words


Redemptive Justice in Anselm's "Cur Deus Homo"

This is one of the first articles I ever published. It appeared in a special issue of The Dunwoodie Review that represented a Festschrift in honor of Msgr. 8 more words



It’s disturbing.

Fundamental to the concept of civility is that we recognize the difference between private and secret. That is, we keep from others only what is private — stuff that, best you can tell, does not affect them and is none of their business. 616 more words


BLDJ Published

This book was actually meant to replace the old archived document “Studies in the Laws of Noah,” but once I got to working on it, I found much of the old material no longer reflects where I am today. 34 more words