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God's Mysterious Ways (Part 4) (Responding to his Salvation)

i use a cane to walk for some time now. I have a condition that continues to affect my movement. The doctors have yet to fully diagnose what causes the severe swelling. 551 more words

The Importance of Fog

Last evening, while driving home from classes, I hit a dense patch of fog. Immediately it took me right back to Humboldt County and the dense fog that envelops the bay and the dairy farms every night during the summer and fall months. 735 more words



After our walk this morning Raven came inside and rolled onto her back, tentatively, for the first time since her surgery exposing her Jiggy-belly for a rub. 776 more words

Who Are The Saints In The Balcony Of Life (10/30)

“The diaphany of the divine at the heart of the universe on fire.”
-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Divine Milieu (Perennial Classics)

A little girl, age 7, was walking through a great cathedral with her parents as the tour guide was explaining about all the saints in the stained glass windows and the little girl spoke up: “Saints are people that the light shines through.” 293 more words


Divine Mastery

Friday 14 August

Inspiration card is Divine Mastery. The human mind is programmed to make sense of things while the truth of life, death and divine concepts are and shall forever remain a mystery. 48 more words

The Human Experience

The Sticker Picker

I recently moved from a tiny village in Alaska to join my husband in Arizona. Changes in retirement now include a total reverse in climate, seeing cowboy boots instead of Alaskan rubber “Xtratufs”, and driving on roads you can actually get out of town on that don’t end at an ocean shore.   531 more words


A Tale of Two Gatherings

I have just returned from attending both Quaker Spring and the Friends General Conference Gathering. Loving community blossomed at both, but they were quite different gatherings. 1,923 more words

Quaker Faith Today