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The Name of God, Part 3

When did the divine name of God, the tetragrammaton, revealed to Moses at the burning bush, begin to be avoided in speaking Scripture? When did Jewish people choose to lose the “transparent” meaning of the name (יהוה= … 1,094 more words


The Name of God, Part 2

In the previous blog, I tried to show that names in most languages have easily determined meaning, what we call “transparent” meaning. Determining the meaning can be tricky, however. 664 more words


The Name of God: Part 1

Names have meaning. Here, I don’t mean sentimental attachment, although this can certainly be true. I mean that most names are related to other words within a language. 796 more words


Is the Father's Personal Name Important?

“Jehovah” (Heb., הוהי, YHWH), God’s personal name, initially occurs in Genesis 2:4. The ultimate disgrace that modern translators render to the heavenly Father of the Holy Scriptures is the elimination or the disguising of his personal name.  5,808 more words

Bible Translation Philosophy

Is the God of the Bible a Transgender?

The problem of gender identity, that is, whether a person senses internally to be male, female, or another gender has reached a point in our society where the government has been forced to create a dictionary to identify… 1,289 more words

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The Divine Name . . . before Nicea

Charles Gieschen, professor and dean at Concordia Theological Seminary (Indiana), has written what I regard to be a significant article.  I’d like for people to know about it.  470 more words