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Restless Limbs and the Unfolding Divine Plan

Intellectuals, romantics, mystics, artists, and philosophers suffer from a tendency to create their own mental prisons and then spend their lives complaining about their imprisonment. They spend decades in futile railing and communicate only to persuade others to construct the same awful place and imprison themselves within. 543 more words

But He Always Offers Rest

2 weeks ago, I was part of an amazing scouting adventure in the Florida Everglades. A recon. Research, networking, exploration and a harvesting of as many Glades skills as we could scavenge. 583 more words


Call for the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM and in the name of Christ within me, I call forth the fulfillment of my divine plan. 19 more words


See The Love Through The Chaos - Star West ★

If money is tight for you right now, cut back on your spending and focus on things you need, not things that you may want. This is a time to be more conservative with your money, and trust that things will get better. 95 more words

Finding Time in the Midst of Chaos

Well it has been quite a while since I’ve had a post. I thought it is time to sit down and try to write. It is not an easy task in my life. 2,126 more words


Embrace Life: Embrace God

Who are we…REALLY?? We want. We need. We crave. We are definitely part of the “ME” generation. Everything revolves around us….or, at least, so we think. 640 more words

Life's Actions