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Steve Beckow - Falling in Love with Everyone - The Divine Mother on her Divine Plan4-21-16

The Divine Mother has gone out of her way to reveal her Divine Plan to us. Our entire mission and purpose is to experience love, she says: 558 more words

Where it all comes together

Wow, wow, wow! Days of stillness and now the winds are whipping again. Things are stirring! Today I’m excited like a kid getting ready to go on vacation (yet I’m not quite sure, … 732 more words

Spiritual Writing

Stop Drop and Roll

“We live in a world in which we are dependent on others; we cannot expect to fulfill our goals while disregarding others’ needs” ~ Dalai Lama… 379 more words

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Willis and time-streams and all will be well

Connie Willis, To Say Nothing of the Dog. Bantam, 1997.

50-word plot summary: Time-travel screwball comedy / mystery novel; a series of sleep-deprived timelagged choices leave protagonists attempting to repair history in Victorian Britain by returning/abducting a cat, preventing/ensuring engagements, and finding the most tasteless piece of furniture ever to exist. 458 more words

Book Entries

Tolkien and Joseph and all will be well

Fell behind a bit in my extracurricular reading, so my new reading is delayed. But that just means I can go back to a classic and have fun with it! 681 more words

Book Entries

The Comparison Trap

There is something in human nature that makes us want to compare ourselves with others. We tend to rate our lives with the lives of those around us, with people we are close to or familiar with, to measure our progress and success in life. 1,784 more words


Message of Introduction Planetary Activation Organization (PAO) ~ March 1, 2016

I’ve found this on the PAO website, and it just supplies so much good information, that I thought you might enjoy this too. Even though this was written in 1997, much of the information he shares is timely for today! 1,301 more words