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Everything happens for a reason?  Is this true?  Is my life part The Divine Plan?  

What if this belief is not true?  What if there is no Divine Plan?  105 more words

Closer than you know...

This is just a little reminder that as you continue to walk into your season of overflow (there’s no looking back – roger that!)… that… 226 more words

Bujold, Curse of Chalion--Round 2, Sainthood

For this entry I’m going to discuss Bujold’s version of sainthood. It’s a central category for this book and the two that follow (thematically, not trilogy-style).   691 more words

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Gaiman and Pratchett, Good Omens (round 1)

It seems like there’s been an uptick in readers! Welcome; I encourage you to poke around a bit. If you have suggestions, either for books or for other matters, I’m eager to read them. 639 more words

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how being a mom can teach us how to actually love ourselves

For many circumstances and situations, I have not loved myself for most of my life.  While I’ve liked the person I am somewhere back in my soul, the hatred towards myself, the criticisms, the judgments, and worst of all, the perfectionism is what my mind were most filled up with. 811 more words


Are you on track?

With June coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to check whether you’re on track.

More importantly, is your idea of being on track in line with the Divine plan/ purpose for your life? 53 more words