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Many of us get caught up in the daily grind of life and responsibilities.  We easily become like programmed robots working day in and day out doing repetitive things and falling into predictable routines.   549 more words


Wait: Delayed Gratification

Some of you may have encountered “The Marshmallow Test” which was an experiment conducted in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s by Stanford University psychologist Walter Mischel. 302 more words


A Free Online Event With Beloved Visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard

I could share a ton of IONS and Shift Network events with you all. I am a partner with them, and I really respect what they do and the people who are a part of the program, but I usually only share events with you when Barbara Marx Hubbard is giving them. 481 more words

Mormons and Extra-terrestrials

I came across a post on IFLScience the other day, about the likelihood that we will very soon be identifying extra-terrestrial planets that have life of one form or another on them. 704 more words


Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: God’s Perspective

Mick Turner

These days there is a near obsession on the part of people about discovering their purpose in life. All one has to do is take a trip to one of the big book store chains in order to verify this reality. 1,176 more words


REPENT! ('Cause it's Awesome!)

Repentance has a bad reputation. For a long time, thinking of repentance brought up images of crazy people insisting the world was ending imminently, confessions of sins, guilt and other extremely negative ideas. 433 more words


The Good Life


My other son. The other day he told me he couldn’t do something. He said it was too hard, couldn’t be done.  I just laughed and said, “Oh you can do it. 594 more words