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Lent 3.8.17


They used to be called a fountain 

Those sturdy rocks nestled in the side of a hill

They stand in fountain formation, and yet

Their pools remain muddy and still.  124 more words

The story of our divine potential

I covered an institute class last week and taught a lesson based on our divine potential. I don’t attend institute regularly myself. Aside from “graduating” the program about three times already, being a RSP is time-consuming and takes most of my nights anyway- and given the chance to visit an inactive or needy sister or go to a class- perhaps naughtily, I always choose the former. 2,181 more words



Fall is the season for fresh fruits and veggies from your garden. Cade and I both grew up with parents that gardened and stored produce by canning. 1,136 more words


Project 4 Montage

  1. Description: This is a project created using photoshop to mask and blend images into one cohesive message.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing)
  3. 461 more words

My Five Core Beliefs

Someone in my ward a few weeks ago shared the idea that we all have 4-5 “core values/beliefs” that we measure information, decisions, actions, etc. against and therefore shape the course of our lives, essentially. 1,079 more words

Mini Manifestos