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Project 4 Montage

  1. Description: This is a project created using photoshop to mask and blend images into one cohesive message.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing)
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My Five Core Beliefs

Someone in my ward a few weeks ago shared the idea that we all have 4-5 “core values/beliefs” that we measure information, decisions, actions, etc. against and therefore shape the course of our lives, essentially. 1,079 more words

Mini Manifestos

Wise Words for Daily Encouragement

Maybe there is a dream buried deep inside your soul, and God is waiting to reconstruct it, to put all the bones back together. He is waiting to put muscle and sinew on it and wrap skin around it… 250 more words

Change Your Life

Manifesting Your Divine Potential

L.D. Turner

One of the most significant aspects of God’s provision lies in the fact that he never sends any of us into this world empty handed. 1,208 more words

Change Your Life

Wise Words for Today

I am confident that God has called you – and has promised to strengthen you – to do this work. So don’t waste any more days. 101 more words


Living Your Divine Calling

L.D. Turner

I am always amazed when I hear people talking about a belief in the random nature of the universe; how everything sort evolved by accident or through some sort of cosmic game of pin the tail on the comet. 954 more words


The Farmer's Patience

Moso Bamboo is grown in Southeast Asia. It is some of the biggest, strongest, and fastest growing plants in the world. You wouldn’t know as it’s first planted. 636 more words