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Literary Heroine Blog Party

For a couple years now, I’ve been wanting to participate in the

Literary Heroine Blog Party.

I finally found the courage to join in:)

Click the picture to visit Kellie’s blog! 910 more words



Shifts in energy are occurring in my world, some days they are subtle and others they are wild. My children are being affected too in the best of ways. 477 more words

Live your authentic life, even if they laugh at you

If you’re not up against opposition when pursuing a dream or simply living your life, then you’re probably not pursuing a dream or authentically living your life. 79 more words



being vulnerable and open transforms the mundane into magic

when I loosen my heart and let go of the rigid parameters that my ego constructs to protect me from pain… 137 more words

The Benefits of Essential Oils

On this journey to strengthen our physical bodies in order to better serve others, I want to introduce the use of essential oils.

Essential oils are what cause aromatic properties in various plants. 327 more words


Not One Better Than You

We will say to you, that we appreciate that you have all come together at this time, at this point, where you can connect so intimately, where you can recognize the Teacher, the God within each one of you, where you can recognize your reflection in the other beings that you are interacting with, with the other being that you are resonating with. 74 more words


Sweet Sisters & Pumpkin Pie

Today was another beautiful Sunday. During women’s group today, I was asked to take 10 min from my time in the Children’s Sunday School to sit in for the announcements. 216 more words

Divine Purpose