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Whatever you do

We’d been invited to a Christmas party at a church some distance away. The lady I was sat next to asked me about my occupation, and I waxed lyrical about my work as a special needs teacher, how rewarding it was, how I felt God had led me into it, how he gave me lesson ideas… Her next question floored me. 318 more words


Open Hearted Truth

It seems that men can tolerate more pressure before it’s impossible to resist their own growth. Perhaps this is a result of the way men are designed to compartmentalize and deny what they fear in order to face the terrors of death and war. 486 more words

That invisible line...

It’s never too late to liberate yourself.

And boy oh boy, your days will be so much more sweeter, when you choose to draw that proverbial line. 76 more words

Are You Avoiding Your Divine Purpose?

I can’t remember exactly when it started, the yearning to live my divine purpose fully in this life time.

The feeling has been getting stronger, month by month, year by year. 568 more words

Inspiration And Light

World changers

Who are the world changers of today? What does a world changer look like? Are you one?  I’ve tended to think that they’re the guys with the biggest mouths,  but now I’m not so sure.   399 more words


#Believe in Yourself - September 7th - #Inspiration

September 7th

Open to all that you know and believe in yourself. Arrange for an opportunity to begin working. We love you.

The quote above is from 

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For Your Consideration...

There is a new Template from The Garden now available.

DANCING IN LOVE                 

DANCING IN LOVE encourages the unfolding of the heart, bringing forth the pure joy of loving without condition, and supporting the blossoming of love, divine and everlasting, within The Garden of life itself.  128 more words