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When you think of implementing a spiritual practice, what comes to mind? Going to church or another sacred place? Meditation? No matter which practice you choose, implementing a spiritual practice has several benefits. 214 more words


Welcome to Our World!

Yesterday our first grandchild was born, and our little world was once again changed in a way we could not imagine.    Little sweet Brayden opened his eyes after a very long labor, to finally break through into the sights, sounds and feel  of this world. 493 more words


Product Review: Samson

The newly release pamphlet entitled, “Life of Samson” published by Rose Publishing is a “must-have.” As the title suggest, this pamphlet provides an account of Samson’s life. 213 more words

Rose Publishing/Aspire

About Truth and Purpose

There is truth that relates to the world at large, and then there is your personal Truth. In regards to the first one, why is it often so unpopular? 203 more words

Spiritual Development

A Flip of the Coin

by Mel Glenn (Brooklyn, NY)

So tell me, learned men of the Torah,

who see beshert as a wedding cake of joy,

a bouquet of blessings bestowed by a loving God, 198 more words

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How Quitting My 9-5 Changed My Life

This isn’t a romantic story about how I quit my job, cashed in my 401k, and ran off to Greece to find myself. Sorry, if that’s what you were hoping for, you won’t find it here. 1,572 more words