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History Senryū 14 Aug 2015

Chinese Invaders!

Hublai Khan’s fleet runs afoul

a “Kamikaze”.



‎”The Divine WIND of Elyon Yeshua is at work, try and stop Him now! He predicts the future and makes it come to pass. He is ELYON the Most High God! 121 more words


Feast of Saint Rose Venerini (7 May 2015)

Toward the end of World War II, as the Japanese realized that they were losing the war and the American forces were getting closer and closer to their mainland, they devised the awful practice of the Kamikaze. 393 more words

Daily Messages

New Jersey reelects Chris Christie, Jersey poised to pull his finger

Chris Christie has been reelected as NJ governor, possibly due to his new proposal to “blow hurricanes back out to sea” once elected. His preferred method, code named ‘Project Divine Wind’ requires state officials to transfer Christie to the Jersey Shore where they stand him in place with his back to the sea. 13 more words


Blue Oyster Cult's 'Divine Wind' for September 11 Day

I have seen the boys from BOC about six times, i think. The last time was at the Buffalo Run, and I had a goofy sign with this song request on it, but you know with five hundred people in the stadium it must have been hard to see because they did not play it. 171 more words

The Answer is Blowing WITH the Wind

Heaven blows like a mighty wind in our hearts and souls. It offers us a dynamic life, full of energy and inspiration; a life powered by Divine will, response, and understanding. 1,599 more words

Divine Wind

A couple of days ago, while riding home from work, I saw a plastic bag along the side of the freeway, flitting in the wind. 262 more words