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😇 Mother-Goddess Isis - The Past And Present Existence 😇

“Mother-Goddess Isis is a widely recognised divine figure first known in the Ancient Egypt as Goddess of Health, Marriage and Wisdom, whom women find as most important in their life during the ancient times, and faith in Her spread towards the Graeco-Roman world, before lost in the shadows of Christianity and resurfaced through several known religious organisations including Fellowship of Isis.” 106 more words


Come out and play they say

Whispers, whispers, everywhere

Whispers floating around on air,

Multitudinous whispering voices,

Whispering so many different choices,

Some are kind, some child like,

Some malevolent, some speak in rhyme, 223 more words


Kinetic charge

Colliding like atoms

Kinetic in charge,

Bouncing off of walls

We are rebounding off of stars,

We are out of control

And at times we explode… 130 more words


World exploding

He was the her world and then the fatal extinction event occurred and her world was a blaze with treacherous fire and imploded like an exploding supernova. 18 more words



Are you centered in love

Or are you centred in ego

Are you fine letting others shine

Or do you need to be the centre of attention… 117 more words


Sat, Chit, (not yet) Ananda

When I think of myself as divine, star dust, created out of the same substances as the planets, I am filled with fear. Not uplifted as I am supposed to feel when I am told that I am all these things. 482 more words

Higher Self God Readings

I offer higher self readings which connect you from your current human reality to the higher truth of your being. I can shed light on all of your lifetimes on earth and what you have learned so far, and what you are still expected to do. 144 more words