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Huddled in her shell

She huddled in her shell of dreams

She huddled there trying to go unseen,

She worked on inner self peace and love

And studied creation and where she come from, 52 more words


Divine transcendent beings

Divinity of being from carrying out good deeds and acts selflessly even at the cost to yourself is a rare quality found in many but those who it resides in are awakened souls of grace, light and love. 68 more words


Appreciating life

He noticed the ankle chain she wore around her slender long leg and was suddenly in trudged as he knew this to be a sign of married but free to engage with other men. 451 more words


What the Goddess Brigit Means for Women and Men Today by Mael Brigde

Why has the Goddess Brigit become so popular, and with so many different kinds of people?

Apart from a lull in her popularity in the last century*, Brigit has always been beloved, especially among the Irish and Scots—and where they have migrated churches bearing the name “Saint Brigit’s” or “Saint Bride’s” have popped up with great regularity. 822 more words


Winter wonderland 

Thick fog surrounded the trees creating a preternatural feeling, as the forest floor became hardened under the white covering of frost and the sub zero freezing temperatures. 65 more words


Dream big dreams

Whats the point of dreaming big dreams, if you continue acting small lives. What is the point of making future plans if you no intention of moving forward and living in the past.


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