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Divine discontent: For the lovers in search of the love

Knowing that there is a love out there for you, but not knowing what it will look like, when it’s coming or what corner it will emerge from can create a sense of unease in the body. 1,449 more words



Quieter still…
deliciously bemused
gathered in consonance
yielding to the hymn
of a morning star…


The Quiet

There are few things as frightening to us on a daily basis as quiet. Many of us do almost anything to avoid quiet as often as we can – we turn the tv on, check social media, fill our heads with (often horrific and frightening) news reports, chatter compulsively even when we have nothing important to say or when what we are saying is harmful gossip. 419 more words


Your Someday

Last night I was walking, praying and giving thanks and Spirit began to speak… Our lives are composed of our thoughts and our prayers.. What we believe for shows up in our lives either immediately or it could take days, months, years.. 143 more words