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And woe to them

The doctrine of the trinity dispels all forms of statism: Since Jesus is the God-Man, he is the only human that has divinely absolute authority, rule, power, law, justice, and morality. 64 more words


Day 5 - Thoughts on Wayne Dyer's book "Manifest Your Destiny"

Day 5 – “The First Principle – Becoming aware of yourself” continued

“Transcending Your Conditioning”

The great illusion that will stop me from finding my higher self is that I am disconnected from God/Source/the Divine. 687 more words


Smart Choices For Success. (Day 8)

Welcome to Day 8!

We officially start the second week of our 21-Day Manifesting True Success Experience.

In the first week, we learned that success is not some distant external goal. 622 more words


Moving into the 5th Dimension

When we decide to trade our doubts and fears for trust and faith we discover a whole new world and both worlds are endless. We can and do produce what ever reality that we believe is what we deserve. 955 more words


Divine right

Yesterday in No Right I spoke about how no-one has the right to judge you, well today it’s almost the complete opposite I want to say to you! 113 more words


Dating As Spiritual Practice

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It has been 19 days since my last blog post.

I have always hungered for religion, thirsted for the Divine. 560 more words


My Latest Hurdle-Surrendering to the Divine

Disclaimer: Surrendering your life into the hands of the deity (or deities) you worship does not involve laziness and lack of effort. I do not condone not working towards your goal. 1,225 more words