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Songs The Sound

Oh Brandyn,

Songs the Sound

of Songbird

in her Ear


I am sick and tired

I am sick and tired of seeing animal abuse

I am ick tired of seeing our world being used,

I am sick and tired of seeing the rich profit from the poor… 222 more words


Extinction of the species

Extinction looms for animals

Every single day

And we as humans are the ones

Who treat them all as prey,

But not for food from which to live… 286 more words


Phone Psychic Readings By Margo

HI all,

My name is Margo I offer upbeat and fun psychic readings I work for several professional lines as well as do private readings in my neighbor hood and for stores, weddings, birthdays. 22 more words

The Discourse II

The discourse in

the beautiful

and the best


cursed by her beauty

She and her beauty cursed me to a life of yearning

from this path there seems no turning,

her eyes they shone sparkled  like crystals… 219 more words