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Lord SHIVA is often linked to marijuana(gaanja), as it is said
bhole baba ka prasad
But is it true? 
According to the… 125 more words

Is this Selfishness ? or Selflessness ?

I go and play with kids, teach them, share stories and jokes, have fun and awesome time, the smiles on their faces seems enchanting, it makes them happy, the satisfaction I feel after this is a very precious feeling. 91 more words

Spreading Smiles

Faith Demystified- Our Place in the Universe

Demystifying Faith – Our Place in the Universe

We are born of the cosmos, and this is not some religious illusion. The iron in our blood and the calcium in our teeth were created in ancient stars that exploded as supernovae, spreading their chemical wealth across the galaxy. 685 more words


What a disappointing retreat taught me

Recently I went on retreat to a place where I’ve been once before. It is set in the middle of a valley, with breathtaking views, truly the scene for some serious meditation and reflection. 777 more words


Ajahn Brahm: Samatha and Vipassana meditations. Meditation retreat in Toronto 2012

Samatha and Vipassana meditation practices: Are these two different methods or two aspects of the same technique? Public talk given by Ajahn Brahm on the fir… 28 more words