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Daily Reveal - Jun 28

Daily Reveal – Jun 28

Pixie Pierrot

There is more to life than merely surviving but in order to thrive you must be fully you. When you strip away the layers of expectation and judgement, the pure essence of you is there to see. 116 more words

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Go with the flow

Prismic colourations cross my view,

Rainbow lights shining in different hues,

Astral flying as my consciousness grew

And awakened to an age, brand new.

It is all beyond our understanding… 49 more words


don't let your soul dry up

even though you may get old and tired
and your body wither and shrink
your joints may creak and groan
like a weary engine
yet still… 78 more words


Daily Reading - Jun 28

Daily Reading – Jun 28

We’ll be getting our circus energy on today.

Choose fron the cards pictured and comment below.

The reveal will be posted at 5 PM CST.

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Between breath and thought

In a moment between breath and thought

that is where peace and mindfulness resides,

in solitude and silence of the body and the mind

I aspire to dwell longer there and construct a design, 92 more words


We are the source of light 

We weave images in our dreams,

We paint masterpieces with lights that gleam,

On a universal background that is cosmically,

Resonating on frequencies that are in time with all creation. 77 more words