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A Thousand Words

Fast-talking Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) says whatever it takes to close a deal. But after stretching the truth with a spiritual guru, he suddenly finds his life depending on a magical tree with 1,000 leaves…one for every word he has left. 52 more words


Quiet prayer

There are few things better or more enriching to me than silent prayer. This is a quiet communion with God where I listen for thoughts from the Holy Spirit. 153 more words


Saints,Sages,Mystics, and Avatars

It is a Truth, that all beings and all of Creation is One with the Consciousness of the Divine; with God. A strong statement, indeed. If you were to study and learn from all the great Saints, Sages, Mystics, and Avatars this is common knowledge. 1,001 more words


leave the world to see it clearly

to love and understand this life

you must consciously transcend it

even for a moment

you must go beyond its shores

leave its gravitational field… 78 more words


Never Say Never Again

Sean Connery returns for his final appearance as James Bond. In this remake of Thunderball, Bond is brought out of retirement to investigate the theft of two nuclear weapons by SPECTRE. 11 more words


Respect and love

Respect all people

Both friend and foe

Let the love for all grow

Be kind of heart

And good of soul

Let these stories

Of your deeds be told… 26 more words


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Honor Your Soul

FEBRUARY 15, 2018 AT 9:04 PM

Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I come to you here with my Mother and my beloved Mary Magdalene. 3,766 more words