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Manifesting mantra

I manifest my light

Through my energy

I manifest my love

Through my frequency

I manifest my peace

Through the vibrancy

Of my conscious reality… 12 more words


Raaz: The Mystery Continues

A horror mystery about a painter Prithvi, who suddenly starts having visions about an anonymous girl in trouble. Being unable to deal with these shocking incidences, he paints his visions. 48 more words


Female Body - Divine Temple

In recent years, many women ask about how to love and accept yourself, and most surprisingly, a great many women, as a consequence of the arrival on Earth of the new energies, expose programs of anti-love for themselves and rejection of own body, which were programmed either while in the womb, or during their lifetime. 518 more words


Our fears seem so real

The way they make us feel,

As we break out in red hot sweats

And send shivers down our necks, 71 more words


Wanna know where you’re going? Analyze What happens when you fall asleep...

Dreams are portals of the realms where our souls go into as they leave our bodies. The best depiction of where your soul will go when you die is to analyze what happens to you when you fall asleep. 286 more words

The Divine Love, Pt. 2: The Problem of Evil.

December 13, 2017.

This is a continuation of The Divine Love series. For a full-text PDF, click here!

Why does evil/suffering exist?

When I said that I believed that the fundamental truth of love could answer some of the most difficult questions that mankind has ever asked, I was not speaking in vain. 2,073 more words


Spread Joy

Angel Whispers


Here are the Angel messages for today:

Raphael: You look in the mirror and you see a woman or a man, but I say to you that your soul is both male and female. 290 more words