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I patiently bide my time

As I look you in the eyes as we kiss

I patiently wait for us both to feel that moment of bliss… 80 more words



You must be very sensitive enough to know that the root of all sicknesses is the devil. Take Job as a case study. Job.1:6-9/2:3-7. You must also be aware that Jesus Christ has fully paid the price for all sicknesses. 284 more words


Buddhism Redefined: In Defense of the Divine...

It is almost an article of (non?) faith that sooner or later religion will lose its impetus and die, covered and buried by the very dust that it has gathered over the last few centuries, as if the only thing we need is one more app in the smart-phone to give us ultimate and infinite happiness, or one more notch on the bed-post to give meaning to a life in a world which may not otherwise have any… 720 more words

Divine alliance

We live in a multicultural world where every society has their own set of norms. However, at certain points, most of the society behave alike. It does happen in most societies that whenever we see a person being single for years are labeled as sad, depressed and lonely. 218 more words

Mind stream

Lucid thoughts

From neural streams,

Frequencies of conscious beings,

Vibrating on receptive traces

That defines us not as different races

But as one in unified code, 30 more words





All so faint

And yet they make a difference

Lead us on

Encourage us

Help us to believe

For we are not left without comfort… 86 more words


Clan of the White Lotus

Lo Lieh was famous as Shaw Studio’s first international kung-fu film star. He was famous throughout Asia for dozens of superlative performances in everything from horror to modern thrillers to martial arts. 124 more words