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When the Heart of the Earth Dweller is Closed

I have one foot in the other world
And one in this
I cannot quite make my home here
Drawn as I always am to the deeper realms… 144 more words


BUICK 2 BUGATTI (Episode 4)

BUICK 2 BUGATTI (Episode 4)

#KTR #Buick2Bugatti #B2B #Family
Keep Grinding, Don’t be afraid to share your story

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Gokulathil Kannan – Krishna aur Kans Tamil

It is the story of Krishna, the destiny’s child, born as the nemesis of brutal king Kans who had tormented the kingdom with his ruthless dominance. 181 more words



The boy Kim knows how to scrounge up a hot meal in India’s bustling cities, how to scamper catlike across rooftops, and disguise himself as a local and conceal his Anglo heritage. 109 more words


Fighting (Theatrical)

Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard star in this action-packed story set in the underground world of street-fighting, where it’s not about who you’re fighting but what you’re fighting for. 9 more words



I woke up praying:

”Father in Heaven, give me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.

The courage to change what I can

And the wisdom to tell the difference:” 125 more words

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