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Jesus: More Than A "Good Teacher"

I sat next to a woman from India who was raised Hindu but attended a Roman Catholic school as part of India’s elite class. She now lives in Seattle as a “very spiritual person” (her words) and as a teacher of yoga is a big proponent of its spiritual benefits. 432 more words


The astonishing light of your being!

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“I wish I could show you,

when you are lonely

or in darkness,

the astonishing light of your own being.”


Thought for Mar 28...

“For he (man) is one with his Creator, whose nature is perfect good – love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, life, and joy.” (“Daily Studies in Divine Science,” 2010)

Daily Thought

Marty Glickman - A Regretted Decision

When you regret something that happened many years ago, the understanding of why there is regret allows for the release of energy that’s creating the burden and holding it in place. 654 more words


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The Way of the Heart

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” Buddha

Religions of both ancient and contemporary cultures frequently place their divinities in the sky; removed from humanity and above the Earth. 168 more words

Boating with your dog

Boating season will soon begin in northern regions, and many boat owners will be bringing their dogs with them when they go aboard.

Divinity was fascinated with boats, and at one place we lived, she enjoyed watching the restoration of a wooden powerboat. 789 more words