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Hopeful Solitude

Stuttering solitude stares through the brushed panes

Night’s child eagerly wishes to feel the innocence of light

Azure facade burnished with divine essence of consciousness… 48 more words


Transformation by Fire

In ancient times, fire must have been a deeply mysterious and awe-inspiring force to us humans. It was flung from the skies in the form of lightning. 307 more words


Make It Holy

Don’t try to drag the man out of the holy:
to separate the fact from fiction, hero and
villain are too entangled in Eddas and Bibles, 315 more words


Raja Yoga- the way to the King

The most authoritative text on Yoga is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in which is described a process of self liberation called Raja or Kingly Yoga. 683 more words

miu miu

Viene brillando, en plata, para los pies de las princesas que somos….y no OS creáis menos!👠:)

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Our Innate Ability for Good

We have the inexplicable habit of seeing the world as broken when we are down feeling broken as well. We justify the negativity as part of our community – the pity-party group. 355 more words