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Rock Portaal - Divinity - The Immortalist - Part 2 - Momentum

In het nummer Manhunt wordt genadeloos duidelijk waar de band voor staat. Zij brengen een snel en gevarieerd geluid. Gevarieerd in intensie, in kracht en in tempo en ritme. 20 more words


~Creating a bridge to understanding the Self ~

channeled & written by : Ingrid -Deva Gopaul& Paul Ollivierre

When creating a bridge to the Self , There are three things that will start to change instantly… 590 more words


Dear Human,

You are absolutely supernatural and simultaneously 100% natural and organic.

Your existence is resplendent with magic, gaining you membership into the highly revered and very intelligent species of sentient beings. 263 more words


Bleeding Workshops

I’m just crying, crying a lot
because I have 60 to cry
I’ve been crying all along
I forgot how to cry when
I got your message



Paternal instinct flaring (what me worry? Nah!)

I work with kids, mainly older teens and early 20 year olds. 40 hours (at the very least) every week. But after the work week is done, I  365 more words

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

It’s that time again…

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Dental problems, such gingivitis and periodontal disease, are some of the most common medical issues facing our dogs and cats. 94 more words


The levity of you
Has frozen vertebrae
From swift movement
We are so far returned
The clouds requited
It is in this subtle way… 104 more words