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Fruit for Thought

​At some point I thought words broke up with me because I’ve been meaning to write but I’ve had such a block that I also thought I’m holding on to a love that doesn’t exist because I’d like to think that words & I have a good thing going on. 412 more words


Reading & Pondering Today 10-26

“Our mind may tell us that bad is bad, good is good, and that we can never really be all that we dream of being, but if our shadow could talk, it would tell us otherwise. 218 more words


Release of this body, this mind, this experience. How funny it all is! How we poison ourselves, how we ridicule and abuse. And then, at the final hour; how we lament! 125 more words


Many religious followers understand themselves to be very different from the God or gods they worship. The functionality of religion often centers around the dichotomy between the human and the divine. 433 more words


Life Of Choirs

Angel, Symphony, Spirit

Full-time Lovers

wailing us