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Throne of Grace

Based on The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 4 verses 13-16 … and written while listening to a sermon:

Throne of Grace
by Michael Romani

Approaching the throne of grace
Feeling His presence in our human place
Sometimes scared and lonely
But we're never alone in His majesty

Fill with assured boldness and confidence
Feeling so humble; no need for pretense
God extends His love and great mercy
Covering our sins for all of His Eternity

Children of God, redeemed in His name
His is the glory that takes away our blame
Jesus paid the price of our intercession
That we might join in this heavenly procession

Because of Him, we awaken fully righteous
Even when we fall short of being fully pious
Still, we keep ourselves to a higher standard
Avoiding those things that might leave us slandered

It's an amazing grace that has found and saved us
It's as it is and we know it is as it always was
Loneliness suffered on the cross is our separation
That is no longer gave to us by the Word of creation

Feeling all the pains suffered by our humanity
Giving that for us, temporarily surrendering our divinity
All of this given so that we might touch His grace
Having looked on and loved us through His human face

(c) April 23, 2017 Michael Romani
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