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Wooden Spoon

As simple as a pencil is a wooden spoon. Everyone has one in their kitchens. Let it be a house, a restaurant, or even a business. 358 more words


(L70) Capitalism Vs. Communism: Karl Marx

What are some of Marx’s criticisms of capitalism? How might you respond to these criticisms?

One of Marx’s criticisms of capitalism was that it’s inferior to communism because it exploits wage labor in the sense that workers are only paid enough to survive, rather than being paid in accordance with the value that they create. 198 more words

Government 1B

Specialization And The Division of Labor

The video below shows what an individual would have to go through to make a chicken sandwich if there was no division of labor and exchange. 530 more words

Econ. 101

Men, When it Comes to Nutrition at Home, Either Help Out or Shut Up

I know a few people whose lives have more or less gone according to plan.  If your dad owns a business, and you’re groomed, from a very young age, to take over someday, then maybe you’re one of these people.  831 more words


Self-Awareness, Selfishness, and (No) Shame: Finding a Place in Society

On September 9, NPR’s “All Things Considered” ran a story about a woman who wanted to be a nurse and the challenges she was facing to become one. 989 more words


Creating A "SEA" Change In The Digital Age

A popular anecdote states that Henry Ford paid his assembly line workers a good wage so they could afford to buy their own company’s cars. Although the reasoning for this decision  1,146 more words


How Van Gogh Makes Whole Greater Than Sum of Its Parts

Letters of the alphabet, simple in form, easy to learn. Yet when assembled into the likes of influential books—e.g. The Origin of Species, The Grapes of Wrath, Harry Potter—they can exhibit disproportionately profound properties and effects. 500 more words