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Aquinas's Sociology and Politics of Food (Comm. Pol. 1.6)

In his Commentary on Aristotle’s Politics (1.6), Aquinas gives the following “sociology and politics of food”:

he divides the acquisition of foods into many kinds. Second, he shows the kind of thing the acquisition of food is [8]. 529 more words

Calling vs. Occupation

Gary North has some helpful comments contrasting “calling” with “occupation”:

I define calling as follows: the most important thing that you can do in which you would be most difficult to replace… A man who finds his calling is blessed of God. 614 more words

A Cracked Crock-pot

Yesterday at around 10:30 a.m., I received a phone call from my partner while at work. He doesn’t usually call me while I’m at work unless it’s serious (in the past few weeks it’s been because he smashed his laptop screen and then to give me an update on a sick family member) so I answered and ducked out in the hallway. 859 more words



I don’t miss your beard

I don’t miss your warmth at night

It’s still too hot

I leave the air conditioning on

So I can sleep through the night… 233 more words


Aquinas on the division of labor

Aquinas’s On Kingship, part 6

It is in his discussion of man’s specifically intellectual or epistemological motive for living in community, moreover, that Aquinas indicates just how it is that men who live together are able to more efficiently provide for both their bodily and intellectual needs. 308 more words

Cain and Abel's Division of Labor (Gen. 4:2)

North on Cain and Abel’s division of labor:

The division of labor that we see in the case of the two brothers had been an explicit part of human life from the beginning. 101 more words


Weekend Chore Project

The division of domestic labor is a topic we’re going to be covering a lot on Bibby and the Gretz, because it’s a topic we’re constantly discussing. 1,334 more words