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5 Q's (+ A's!) for Organization

“It’s complicated.” “We’re not exclusive -yet.” “We’re just casual.” These are some favorite definitions of what a “relationship” is among my fellow millennials. In business, you have to define relationships among employees and groups of employees. 785 more words


division of labor

Division of labor is when your work is cut out for you.


What Can We do About Unpaid Labor

If you’ve read anything about the wage gap or even browsed a feminist blog, you’re probably familiar with the fact that women perform a lot more unpaid work than men. 1,052 more words

New Cover Art - Available For Purchase

I mocked this up as a cover idea for a feminist piece. If anyone is writing a book on modern feminism and thinks it would suit, I am happy to sell the artwork (to date it has not appeared anywhere else but this post). 25 more words


If you read yesterday’s tedious post about a Tuesday morning, you may have asked yourself why I, your blogger, was the parent doing everything. Adrian, who is not only my husband but also Martin’s father, was at home that morning. 589 more words


Division of Labor's Negative Impacts

Karl Marx, a very influential thinker and a proponent for communism as a political theory, critiqued capitalism as an economic and political system for many reasons.  466 more words

Class Discussion

Researcher Studying Division of Labor in Poly Families -- Volunteer?

Alicia McCraw is a doctoral candidate at Tulane University. She is conducting research in order to better understand how polyamorous individuals divide up divisions of labor in their relationships. 76 more words