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What follows is the sixth installment in a series explaining the context and deeper meaning of all eight songs on my band’s album all about Adam Smith “ 524 more words


Aristotle and Aquinas on Specialization of Capital Goods

(Commentary on the Politics, Regan trans.)

In Politics 1.1, Aristotle gives an argument for why the natural community of husband and wife is distinct from the equally natural community of master and slave. 357 more words

Double Down on Your Gifting

Let’s pick back up where we left off Wednesday.  The more I study Jesus’ disbursement of the gifts, the more I see that Adam Smith, in his insight into Division of Labor and Specialization, was on to some deep wisdom. 533 more words

Divide and Conquer: Continuing the Thought on Adam Smith

Continuing the thought from yesterday, Adam Smith’s ideas of Division of Labor and Specialization are essential techniques for leadership and business. And it is clearly seen in Scripture that the Twelve agreed with the wisdom in this philosophy of business (even though Smith wouldn’t be born for 1500 years). 369 more words

Childless by Choice (part 2)

I’ve told you about my formative years, avoiding motherhood at all costs and for very good reasons. Now on to the nitty-gritty; the absolute crux of the story. 453 more words

Aquinas, Capitalist (Contra Impug. 2.6)

In one of his arguments for the right of mendicant preachers to earn a living by their preaching, Aquinas compares the preacher to those “architects” in other mechanical trades who direct the labor of others. 74 more words

Division Of Labor

Episode 9: Division of Labor

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In Episode 9 of Past Our Bedtime, Brian & Christie Moore discuss the emphasis of looks in the social media age and new iPhone designs in Newsfeed (1:34), plus run through the division of household chores and labor, the power of appreciation and finding your family’s version of balance in Pillow Talk (10:54). 25 more words