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Weekend Chore Project

The division of domestic labor is a topic we’re going to be covering a lot on Bibby and the Gretz, because it’s a topic we’re constantly discussing. 1,334 more words


Subordinate purposes of marriage (Gen. 2:18-23)

Beyond the division of labor, North lists these additional yet subordinate purposes of marriage as found in Genesis:

Marriage has numerous subordinate purposes: the lawful extension of the race, mutual comfort, personal development of its members, the provision of cultural stability, social welfare functions (including education), sexual fulfillment, and capital accumulation. 51 more words


Adam vs. Aristotle: marriage, not slavery, the first economic relation (Gen. 2:18-23)

In Genesis the dominion mandate is given to Adam before he is given a wife and hence a household, a fact leading Gary North to argue that the latter is therefore ordered towards and exist in the service of the former. 496 more words


Adam and Eve: archetypes of the division of labor (Gen. 2:18-23)

“The first human couple provide archetypes of the division of labor system. First, they were both fully human. As image-bearers of God, they had comparable goals and interests, compatible talents and responsibilities. 147 more words


Ignorance Versus Stupidity, by Walter E. Williams

If you’re smart, you’ll realize you’re ignorant, and that doesn’t make you stupid. From Walter E. Williams at theburningplatform.com:

One of the most challenging and important jobs for an economics professor is to teach students how little we know and can possibly know. 297 more words


That Pesky Division of Labor

You can read Bibby’s take on this issue as soon as she’s done with midterms!

Unlike Bibby, I am undoubtedly the one in my relationship who has the cleaning expertise. 2,253 more words


Aquinas's Homo Economicus

Aquinas did not recognize the existence of economics, understood as the science of human action in its use of scarce resources that have alternative applications, as a distinct discipline or body of knowledge in its own right. 744 more words