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Waitui Hangout - Western Division Events - Fiji Events

Flash Back! Dance the night away to groovy tunes from the 70s, 80s & 90s by our resident band “Rubber Band”. Music from this magical era will put you in a happy mood with not a care in the world, except to have fun!

Thoughts on Burqini

I am a Hijabi. And if I were to go to a country where there was a ban on covering yourself at the beach- then I would comply with the law. 850 more words


Rival Gangs...

(John 13:35; Ephesians 4:4-6) Regardless of what Christian denomination you’re from- it’s safe to say that we all agree on roughly 98% of the bible. Somehow, some way- we as the… 206 more words

Is Roman Catholicism Just Another Denomination?

This may be an older video, but it made its way to the apologist James White and he decided to comment on it during his program. 283 more words


Spokane Industries Precision Investment Castings Division

Spokane Industries Precision Investment Castings Division

Manufacturing Design Engineers usually specify machining metal components out of stock material that in practicality would be much more expense successful and efficiently developed as an Investment Casting. 687 more words

Winning Spoils Jays Fans

It’s crazy how there’s only 38 games left in the MLB season, and the Blue Jays and the Red Sox are tied for first place in the AL East at 70-54 apiece.  484 more words