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His Life Matters

I met a charming young man on my way home on the Red Line last night. He had a bunch of those silver helium balloons – two spider man and one happy birthday, and when I asked, he happily replied that yes, today is his birthday. 348 more words


Fubu thrift store

There is a solidarity
about the divided.
Brothers and sisters
who pay their dues
long after frat days.

So mindful.
So in the moment.
It’s so fubu in there. 56 more words


Calvin on Avoiding Schism

12. Heeding the marks guards against capricious separation

The pure ministry of the Word and pure mode of celebrating the sacraments are, as we say, sufficient pledge and guarantee that we may safely embrace as church any society in which both these marks exist. 449 more words


Divided Kingdom...

Read Mark 3

Focus on verse 24-25

In the last twenty years that I have lived in America I have noticed a disturbing trend particularly in the last decade or so. 419 more words

Daily Devotional

The Dispatches Of Hira Singh: Punjab Burning (2)

Now, for this second part, I am going to go back into history. What you will get is my interpretation of history, insofar as this part of India is concerned. 976 more words


So, Long Division (Not "Goodbye, Division")

One of the coolest math classes I took in college was math history.  It was titled “A History of Mathematics”. (Mathematicians are nothing if not to the point)  In it we talked about how certain concepts developed, lingered a bit during certain time periods, and then progressed or are still lingering.   661 more words

Math Education

Eat Well

Lovely sunny day lunch at the SE Division food carts.

I like this group of food carts quite a bit. There are so many options – and several carts with good clean food options, including a reasonably priced salad cart (Garden Monsters) and a tasty soup cart (Tortoise + Hare). 134 more words