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The divided islands: Saint Martin

The island of Saint Martin was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who was then on his second voyage to the Caribbean, on November 11th 1493, on Saint Martin’s day, hence the name. 977 more words


Episode 7 -Debates, Division and the Complexity of Scripture

The history of Western Christianity, especially over the past 500 years or so, has indicated that disagreements and debates lead to division. We delineate our groups based on tightly defined beliefs, and find that even minor deviations can lead to irreparable schisms. 180 more words

Small Streamer Spotlight #4 - JoshOnFire

Ahoy guardians!

Welcome back to my weekly segment I call my Small Streamer Spotlight. This week’s guest is my pal JoshOnFire.

McS:  Josh, buddy I appreciate you letting me do this man. 1,007 more words


The Classic Boston Fern

For many years Boston Ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) have been a favorite for front porches and shady patios.  These shade loving plants have vibrant green fronds that give a warn tropical feeling to any area. 52 more words


Mortgages, Loans, Tax Calculations

Students take on the role of a house buyer. They are provided with a random house, salary, job and mortgage provider. They have to calculate repayments, monthly salary, affordability, taxes etc. 6 more words


My Review On The Division Beta

So this weekend I was able to participate in the closed beta for the Division and I have very mixed opinions…

So lets begin with an overview of the beta. 739 more words