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5 Reasons Divorce Sucks

I’d like to start by saying, as far as divorce goes mine was fairly painless and easy. Granted it wasn’t a mutual decision and unfortunately took place less than a year post-marriage. 572 more words

One of the wildest things I've seen on TV

First of all, I have seen a lot of wild stuff on TV. I grew up watching soap operas (daytime and nighttime). So that tells you everything you need to know right there. 293 more words


Having Safe Sex? Well, . . . Define "Safe."

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When I was younger, the term “Safe Sex” simply meant “Gaddammit! Put a fucking condom on!” or stay with a tested partner. 933 more words

Young MGTOWs

The Ex Parte – 3 Lessons Learned from Divorce Court

In the beginning of the divorce, there were many incidents that triggered a fight or flight response in me which made me think it was an emergency.  705 more words


Happy 58th Birthday Lynn Toler

by Kiki

Lynn Toler 10/25/1959 Mesa, AZ.

Judge, arbitrator, tv personality, professor, author.

Best known for Divorce Court.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.

Arise 2.0

Getting Divorced? Avoid Court or Wear a Gas Mask.

Family Law is truly the black eye of America.  It is a system created by lawyers to leverage domestic disputes for their advantage.  There is no one to hold the judge accountable for the judgments.  628 more words


The Truth About Custody

Today’s post was inspired by news of Pillar Sander’s middle son finally getting to live with her. Not sure if you remember their divorce or not, but in a nutshell Deion Sanders got primary custody of his two boys and she got shared custody of their daughter who was the youngest at the time. 1,049 more words