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How common is divorce in New Jersey?

Every state has its own divorce laws that can affect how a divorce plays out, and depending on how difficult it is to divorce, it may lead to fewer couples divorcing in that particular state. 300 more words

Divorce Laws

MPR Radio Show about Minnesota Cooperative Private Divorce

If you’d like to know more about this new legislation I have been involved in, you can listen to discussion from MPR this morning.  Contact me if you want to know more, or have any questions.  18 more words


Being NOT Divorced Does Not a Marriage Make.

In Mississippi it can be ridiculously hard to get a divorce. Untying the knot can be quite the task…

Mississippi is NOT a true “No Fault” 254 more words


What Could Mediation Mean For Divorce Laws?

Hello again everyone!!

Today I wanted to go over the differences in divorce laws around the United States; as well as how a regulated  step between divorce and marriage could impact society for the better. 249 more words

Divorce Laws

Academic Writing Sample

Are you a good writer? How do you prepare for your school academic writing?

For me, when it comes to writing, i’m stuck! I always tell myself to keep going, no matter how hard it is. 1,188 more words


Jane Doe, do you Know What You did is Wrong? (opinion)

Hello readers!

Before I begin I want to remind you all this is the opinion part of the site, which means although what I’m saying does have factually backing, I will sprinkle my two cents very heavily in this page rather than only slap down some facts. 341 more words

Divorce Laws

The Evolution of Divorce Laws More In-depth

Hi again!

I decided before I go into culture changes in society and the stigma of divorce, I really want to make sure you all understand how divorce laws have changed. 194 more words

Divorce Laws