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Orlando Thrive Therapy has solutions for marital problems, couples issues, and individuals who need help. Orlando Thrive Therapy has the expert counseling you need to overcome your relationship issues or individual problems. 422 more words

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When you said “I Do” Did you envision that your in-laws would be sleeping and staying over your home so frequently? I only became aware of this when I became a divorce attorney in Jersey City where the cultures are not the same as where I grew up (my area was mostly Italian, Spanish, Black and Jewish). 296 more words

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Divorce and Autism: Some Unique Considerations

There is a saying: “If you’ve met one child with autism, then you’ve met one child with autism”.  This could not be more true—and those of you who are raising a child with autism know exactly what I mean. 751 more words


Why Mediation Is a More "Holistic" Approach to Divorce

When I attend various networking events, or if I am meeting a person for the first time and sharing with them what I do for a living, I often speak about divorce mediation in terms of it being a more… 481 more words


Going Through a Divorce in Minnesota

Though it seems that going through divorce in Minnesota has significantly changed during the past few decades by becoming more common, year after year. Still, some people mistakenly find the misinterpretation in believing that divorce is a “bad thing”. 360 more words

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Sharing the Marital Home after Divorce? Some Emotional Considerations to Keep in Mind

Time and time again, clients come to mediation not only because they don’t want the added stress of litigation, but because they also want to save money.  575 more words


Did Somebody Say "Divorce Perk"?!?

After being married for eleven-years and two kids later, it was quite a culture shock for me to be single again.  I’m sure many of you reading this can relate.  414 more words