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Harmful Results of the System of Husband and Wife Retaining Separate Family Names

There are old couples who resemble each other in face and atmosphere. They didn’t resemble each other when they were young.

The Way You Live Toward The Future

Divorce rate drops as Naked Winery sales rise. We're crushin' it!

If you’ve been around Naked Winery for very long, you know “We aim to tease!” and have a mission to cut America’s divorce rate in half by encouraging couples to connect nightly over a glass of wine. 141 more words

Naked Winery

Trend in Portugal's Divorce Rate

After a spike in the divorce rate in 2002, the divorce rate in Portugal has only slightly increased over the past decade.  In 2008, “no-fault divorce” was legalized… 27 more words


Divorce Science Research Update 5-29-2015

This week’s summary is a report in The Journal of Chinese Sociology about the role of children (number, age, etc.) in predicting divorce.  Also, below is a figure showing the growth in the Chinese divorce rate. 41 more words

Significant Research Findings

Odds are...My husband and I are getting a divorce.

If you go by leading statistics, anyway.

With some studies showing the national divorce rate at an average above fifty percent, its a miracle if you even KNOW a happily married couple nevermind be a part of one! 358 more words


Updated Illinois Divorce Rates 1958-2011

This figure shows the trends in marriage & divorce in Illinois from 1958-2011.  On average in recent years (2000-2011) the rates of both marriage and divorce have leveled off, neither increasing or decreasing very much.   19 more words


Marriage Survival Tips for Parents of Multiples

The divorce rate of parents of multiples is higher than the divorce rate of parents of regular kids. It is easy to imagine why! Parents of multiples are in emergency mode or exhaustion mode all the time. 978 more words