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You May Have Heard That The Divorce Rate In The Church Is 50%… Get Ready To Be Shocked.

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By: Matt Barber

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This is a game-changer. Talk about “an old wives’ tale.” You’ve heard it said that 1) 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce; 2) most marriages that do happen to make it are, nonetheless, unhappy, and 3) Christians are just as likely to divorce as non-believers. 836 more words


How common is divorce in New Jersey?

Every state has its own divorce laws that can affect how a divorce plays out, and depending on how difficult it is to divorce, it may lead to fewer couples divorcing in that particular state. 300 more words

Divorce Laws

New study: regular churchgoers and married people most satisfied with their love life

This article from Science Daily.


Regular churchgoers, married people or those who enjoy harmonious social ties are most satisfied with their love life. This also goes for people who are currently in love or who experience the commitment and sexual desire of their partners, says Félix Neto and Maria da Conceição Pinto of the Universidade do Porto in Portugal.

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Divorce Statistics as per Socio Economic Caste Census 2011

The government has just released the Socio Economic Caste Census for the rural areas on 3rd July 2015, depicting a rural population of 888.3 Million.   The separated statistics is 3354279 persons (3.3 million) or 0.38% and the divorce statistics is 1052210 persons (1 million) or 0.12%. 195 more words

Harmful Results of the System of Husband and Wife Retaining Separate Family Names

There are old couples who resemble each other in face and atmosphere. They didn’t resemble each other when they were young.

The Way You Live Toward The Future

Divorce rate drops as Naked Winery sales rise. We're crushin' it!

If you’ve been around Naked Winery for very long, you know “We aim to tease!” and have a mission to cut America’s divorce rate in half by encouraging couples to connect nightly over a glass of wine. 141 more words

Naked Winery

Trend in Portugal's Divorce Rate

After a spike in the divorce rate in 2002, the divorce rate in Portugal has only slightly increased over the past decade.  In 2008, “no-fault divorce” was legalized… 27 more words