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Property Settlements for de facto Couples after Separation

Before we get into deep discussion about property settlement for de facto couples after separation, it’s important to understand what exactly de facto law means. The de facto couple’s law requires that two people, who may be of the same or opposite sex, have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine domestic basis.  337 more words

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Most Common Things Not to Do Post-Separation

The main cause for a fight between couples to last for a long period of time depends on the various factors. Also, at time of high temperament one not able to act wisely and take adequate decision for themselves or for others. 331 more words

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Most Common Family Law Issues in Adelaide

Problems are everywhere and in each one’s life, there are always ups and downs that they face from time to time. Sometimes it is effective to make your bond strong and remove misconception build in between the loved ones while sometimes it has an adverse effect. 355 more words

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How to Find Binding Financial Agreements Lawyers in Adelaide

First of all who exactly binding financial agreements lawyers or BFA lawyers are and what all sort of job they are responsible for? Well, a BFA is an agreement that is signed between couples who are entering a relationship, in a relationship or ending a relationship.  347 more words

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Best Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney

Is that been a long time for you while searching for divorce lawyers in Adelaide? Looking out for some best tips for finding the right divorce attorney for your case? 366 more words

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The Major Impact of Divorce on Children's Life

One can never deny that parents play a very important role in a child life. Starting from their first step till the time they get intellectuality to think for their own good or bad. 361 more words

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Mel B Ordered To Pay $500K In Spousal Support To Ex-Husband

The incredibly rocky marriage and bitter divorce between former Spice Girl Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has finally come to an end, as a large spousal support payment was recently granted in Belafonte’s favor. 342 more words

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