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New Beginnings?

Its been a week since I moved out.   Boxes are long gone, pictures have been hung.   It feels like a hotel with all of my stuff in it.   88 more words



A letter.

I’m not sure what hurts more… the blistering hatred I have for you or the far and few moments apart when I miss you. 426 more words


Hi! Have you ever had to face a break up or a divorce? If you did and you’re still here, congratulations! You’ve got to the next phase of the game. 637 more words


No-Good Day

Jan. 22

Horrible morning. I want to stay in bed all day. I can’t because my kids will be home because the stupid schools are closed. 798 more words

Gail's Diary

Eclipse of the Soul

via Daily Prompt: Horizon

2018, what a start when it verges with a divorce after only what… 1 and a half years and a grand age of 26. 699 more words

My Name is "No"

I received a positive flu diagnosis on Friday, so I got a lot of sleep this weekend! Right now, only one dream is lingering with me, so I guess that’s the one I’ll post about. 566 more words

odd rejection

In December I went to see a friend, her husband and their brand new baby girl. I am baby-obsessed and their sweet girl made me so happy. 793 more words