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New Year. I’m ready!

At midnight this year I was led in bed, dozing and listening to music. I could hear the drunken revellers and outside and was wondering what their hopes and dreams would be for the new year. 228 more words


Ladies, Why Men Ghost?

“Hey, what should we do for Valentine’s Day?” you text to him.

(Crickets, chirping louder and louder.)

You decide to call but it goes to voicemail. 840 more words


Oh, and The Sky is Blue.....

Not literally since my current situation is snowy and gray…. In a southern state! WTF!

So I had a great visit with my kids even with my self created angst. 350 more words



It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged so I feel an update is needed. A week passed after the Energy vampire decided to pick up our son from daycare and not return him. 459 more words

How am I doing?

I’m coming up on a weird one-year milestone. January 19, 2017 was the last time I saw my ex-husband. My ex who I had been with for 13 years. 747 more words


Outside, Looking In

One of my biggest fears is losing my mind. This worry stems, I think, from the fact that my brain is always going in a hundred directions, that my imagination is a little too strong, and that there are constant weird parallels in my life that make me wonder, too often, if I’m living in a video game. 990 more words

Finding Inner Happiness

Divorcing Without a Lawyer

Many people get divorced without hiring a lawyer. This is perfectly legitimate and it might save a whole lot of money. Those who are likely candidates for going the self-help route are those couples who are in entire agreement on how to divide property and debt and on a parenting plan if they have children. 326 more words

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