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Mrs Asshole, the second, thank you very much

It wasn’t always like this. In fact, it used to be the polar opposite of this.

Where there was once doe eyes, laughter after midnight and the sweet comfort of warm hands intertwined, there is now just the murky darkness of repetition. 646 more words



How it suddenly happens has never been understood

How slowly, without warning and without intention,

Two very different lives which hitherto knew not of each other’s existence come to be so interdependent. 402 more words


Relationship Separate Homes

I have a question… Can you be in a deep relationship with someone and live in separate homes? “I’m asking for a friend“. 92 more words


Income Tax Fraud

Income Tax: Fraud vs.

IRS estimates that only a small percentage of tax crime convictions,
representing less than one percent of taxpayers, occur in a year. 791 more words


Toxic parenting

Trying to co parent with a toxic parent can be tricky. After a split some parents will use their child to get back at their ex, using their child as a weapon more or less. 489 more words

Grad photos

My baby had his grad photos taken today. They were allowed to bring a prop and he chose a branding iron.

At first I thought… 119 more words


The giant Teddy Bear that ended my marriage

Like most people, my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. It was full of hope, magic, and love. My own wedding caused me to cry at all weddings that I attended after that because it brought back the feelings of happiness and love that I felt on that day. 1,056 more words