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Why I wrote this book

It starts with Disney… that beautiful, romantic illusion of love that ruins a girl forever.

We dream of princes when we are six and by the time we are sixteen we have shifted our thoughts towards tall, dark, handsome, kind and sexy – all bundled into one.  378 more words

What an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order Prevents You From Doing While You Are in California Family Court Proceedings

In the California Family Law Courts, when one party files for dissolution of marriage, the court may issue one- or both-party members an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order. 357 more words


The divorce - an unexpected art auction

(link to opening arguments):

…ladies and gentlemen of the jury: This would usually be the moment when our prosecutor calls the first witness to the stand. 1,204 more words


25th April: Today I am fucked off

I’m trying to be positive about this whole bullshit getting dumped by my husband after I had a baby shitstorm. But really that isn’t the whole experience so there’s no point in writing like I’m Ms Silver Linings. 574 more words


A Change of Scenery

Why is it when we change our scenery we can get a better perspective? What is it about physically changing our location that can compeltely change our mindsets? 226 more words


5 Ways to Get Mentally Healthier After Your Divorce

Once you are divorced, you enter a new world. It’s called “I’ve been through hell and back and now only other people who have also been divorced can understand a certain part of me.” 1,709 more words


Dog reportedly starved to death after couple filed for divorce and left home, court documents say

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – A dog starved to death when an Indiana couple moved out of the home they shared after filing for divorce and left him behind. 178 more words