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Forgiveness (Part 4)

Friends, it’s been a long week.  I don’t know why, but I have had a hard time sleeping or staying asleep.  I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be wide-awake for almost an hour before I can get back to rest.  839 more words

Getting By

The Autopsy on my Marriage

One of the things that I have had to admit to myself in recent years, is that I had often mistakenly handed over the responsibility for my happiness to another human being, namely my other half. 1,087 more words

Daily Mass: A question about divorce. Catholic Inspiration

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The topic of divorce surfaces in an attempt to trap Jesus, giving us an insight into an issue that has been part of the history of humanity from the very beginning. 41 more words


Sinking In

Now that he has expressed what he wants and feels and that I will no longer be apart of that, I have take a step back and really look at this situation. 389 more words


Friday Flash Fiction - 700 -Two Months To Live

If Sonya had known her ex husband would survive a good deal longer than two months she would never have let him come back. If Sonya had known a pandemic would come along and trap him in isolation with her, two weeks after he moved in, she would never have let him over the front door step. 646 more words

Modern Life

Coercion and foolish choices

I explained how a previous friend, American man, wanted sex with me but I wanted to keep being just good friends.

I explained he had threatened to break the friendship off after several years, firstly because I was married, and then secondly—when I was single again—because he wanted more than just a friendship now. 1,721 more words



March 7, 2020

Literally everything in life is a gamble. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Your life, your death, your happines or pain. It’s repeating itself trying to show you, but you just won’t wake up. 52 more words