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Serpent Meets Wolf

I don’t know what else you could possibly want from me. I certainly don’t have anything left to give you. Is it my actual entrails you crave? 99 more words

Divorce On A Woman Is Sexy

Gone are the days of the broken wife shattered by her husband’s infidelities telling herself she should have been a better wife. Telling herself “maybe then he would have loved her.” Telling herself “maybe then he would have stayed faithful.” She has been replaced by one heck of a woman. 297 more words


When do they get violent?

Violence from a narcissist seems to be a common thread.  What pushes their buttons and why do they feel so threatened?

Narcissists need to control and dominate life around them.  281 more words

Check it yourself 

When I was a kid learning about horses it was always drilled into me that no matter if someone had tacked up my horse it was always my responsibility to make sure that everything was safe and in working order before I got on. 327 more words



I’m tired of you

And you’re tired

of me too

We see it in

each other

and we know what

we must do

But who has…

51 more words
Kait King Author

The Number 1 Hardest Thing About Divorce and Hint, It is Not The Finances

Let’s face it. Financial stress can be a key factor in delaying divorce. People are afraid to split due to financial woes. People are delaying the divorce because someone doesn’t want to sign the papers over a low alimony number…whatever the case may be, finances are indeed a real hardship and pain in the butt when it comes to divorce. 375 more words


Sex after divorce- Why stop now?!

God created sex for fun. 

At least, that’s what I was taught in High school – indirectly, of course, but nevertheless quite exhaustively. Religious Education was the class subject in which I learnt most of what I knew about sex as a teenager…and none of it was about Gods design for sex.   1,902 more words