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March 7, 2020

Literally everything in life is a gamble. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Your life, your death, your happines or pain. It’s repeating itself trying to show you, but you just won’t wake up. 52 more words


In the beginning....

I came across this article written by Farida Muktar on Quora…It made me cry reading it.. it fits the man Im in love with to a T. 811 more words

Harbor View

The furthest memory I can go back to, my oldest sister and I were eating lays potato chips, dipping them in ranch dressing. I can remember that moment, but I can’t remember that day. 286 more words

One Hot Karma Sundae Coming Up

Remember all of those shit sundaes I had to consume over the last 5 years? Well… it looks like someone is getting a big ol’ hot karma sundae right about now. 2,141 more words

Deepest regret

I had just finished listening to being told my therapist understands what nature means to me, and why I would have been drawn to the idea of emigrating to the States and living in the middle of nowhere. 1,192 more words


I can't always be the healer

When I was in primary, getting into my second public school in a new place, I had to witness the first heartbreak of seeing my friend almost ended his education. 603 more words

True Story