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Dear C,

I have thought long and hard about how to deal with this day. It has weighed on me for a while. I have taken steps to try and protect my heart and my sanity. 1,779 more words


I’m tired of you

And you’re tired

of me too

We see it in

each other

and we know what

we must do

But who has…

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Kait King Author

To Swipe Left or To Swipe Right...Dilemmas of Modern Dating

During this process, I have tried to learn and grow. Sometimes I kick ass at this and find myself thinking, “damn Breezy you are one insightful bitch”. 3,746 more words

Separate Paths to Nowhere

When I returned to Israel, I joined several Facebook groups for divorcees. It was a lot of witty banter, some filled with pain, some filled with hope, and most with a great deal of levity. 931 more words

Why I Decided I Needed to End My Marriage for the Sake of My Furry Children

I have given you all some insight regarding my family, friends, history, etc. things that make me, well me. And I would be amiss if I didn’t discuss the history of my fur children and how they played a role in all of this and how they are coping with the drastic change in their life. 3,823 more words

Well, Hello There...


This wasn’t supposed to happen. My whole childhood I never pictured myself older than 27. Well here I am, 33 and two kids, 4 residences, two states and an ex-husband later… and all I can think is SHIT. 266 more words


Ashley Madison Affairs 

Ashley Madison is an online hook- up site for cheaters, where attached people go to find one another for some side action. I suppose everyone has their own reasons for being on this site: boredom, sexless marriage, hormones… or just plain old sex addiction are some reasons that come to mind. 630 more words

Bored In LA