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Trip Down Memory Lane

It has been on my to do list for weeks to go through all of our boxes of paper work including bills and or personal items from 2009 to present. 302 more words

Back to reality

Coming home is bitter sweet. I missed my fur babies and they greated me at the door with my favorite puppy kisses and it melts my heart. 398 more words

Happy Anniversary

On a sad lame note, today would be our 4th year anniversary. I haven’t shed a tear yet so I would call it a success and every person that I have seen from high school and college that has aked me how Chris is I have been able to tell them im getting a divorce without shedding tears or feeling too bummed about it all. 40 more words

Home bound

I lucked out and got to plan a work trip to Florida which just so happens to be where my family is, what perfect timing. Ever since all these crazy things have transpired my family has been very worried about me and constantly checking in on me so it’s nice to be there in person and give them peace of mind so they know I’m doing okay. 465 more words

Feeling Empty

Its been a challenge to write lately really for 2 reasons

1: Every day I am beat. I think its because even though I am not emotional I think I’m emotionally drained and by the end of each night I am beyond exhaust I cant normally keep my eyes open long after I wrap up my workout. 351 more words

Those Awkward Moments

I would say one of the weirdest things about getting a divorce is how everyone reacts. To my surprise some who I would never expect have flocked to my side and become major support systems others have turned their back and others have just been awkward. 298 more words

5 Tips from a Divorcée

I’ve been a daddy’s girl ever since I could remember. He bought me the entire Melanie’s Mall collection, let me watch R-rated movies, and never restricted my diet to boring kids’ menus. 866 more words