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I’m tired of you

And you’re tired

of me too

We see it in

each other

and we know what

we must do

But who has…

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Kait King Author

Συγκινεί η ιστορία του Κύπριου άνεργου που ζει σε μια παράγκα

Κι όμως, στην Κύπρο του 2016 υπάρχουν άνθρωποι που χρειάζονται τη βοήθεια των συνανθρώπων τους. Η οικονομική κρίση εξαθλίωσε πολλούς πολίτες της χώρας μας που ακόμα προσπαθούν να σταθούν στα πόδια τους.


Dear Divorcée, - Co-Parenting Tips

Dear Divorcée,
If you have children, co-parenting is a huge part of the divorce “package”. I must say, that even under ideal situations, co-parenting can be quite challenging. 457 more words


Dear Divorcée, - Expect Transitions

Dear Divorcée,
It’s time for back to school shopping. It reminds me of the year that I was transitioning my daughters into new learning environments after leaving my ex husband and going through a divorce. 358 more words


Widow + Divorcee = Love?

One awesome Facebook follower sent some questions about dating after being widowed. I couldn’t wait to answer!

Should she date? How can she really like someone new? 1,842 more words

Widowed Life

The Hungry Ghost

It all began with strawberries. How were we to know that such an innocent berry would invite strange and mysterious happenings in our tiny garage apartment?! 432 more words

Man Burns Divorcee Lover, Her 2 Kids to Death for Denying Him Sex

A 26-year old secondary school leaver, Oluwaseyi Babatola, who burnt to death five family members while they were sleeping, says he is being haunted daily by the memories of the children he murdered. 643 more words