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My divorce hearing took place on a Friday morning. The Ex, for some reason, found it appropriate to spend the night on my couch the night prior. 277 more words

Happily Not So Ever After

Once upon a time, in a far away, Florida land there lived a beautiful princess. She was vivacious and feisty. She loved to dance in the rain and sing at the top of her lungs. 175 more words

Divorcee Under Thirty

Collapsed in the middle of my father’s large empty townhome, I hold my head in my lap and begin to rock while quietly repeating to myself, “everything is going to be ok, you will be ok.” 2,934 more words


Once Upon a Time

I’m ready to write again. I’ve kept my pen from the page (and my fingers from the keyboard) for far too long. I needed time to release my grip on the past so I could turn my eyes to the future. 536 more words


It's time to say goodbye.

Letting go of a person, item, or idea is anxiety inducing and often times downright painful. For many years, I held on to jobs, people, ideas, & beliefs (who) which were conflicting with the very core of who I am. 1,003 more words

It's been 12 days...

I miss her so much.

Her smile. Her voice. Her laughter. Her cheeky stares. Her messy hair. Her constant little nuances. Her touch.
For 10 years, she has never been away from me for this long and so far away. 153 more words

Monday Blues

Today has been a slightly strange day. I am coming off a happy high from a fabulous weekend in Maryland with my very best friend. I laughed more this past weekend than I have in a really long time. 330 more words