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Hayseed Dixie at Amsterdam Paradiso

I’m something of an awkward bugger when it comes to concerts. Having worked in a venue (Wolverhampton Civic Hall) and also being a person who likes to hear the vocal at a concert, rather than getting caught up with the whole “I don’t care what it sounds like I’m just happy to be here” piffle that seems to be acceptable behaviour these days, I always arrive at venues sceptical as to what it is which I will encounter. 491 more words

douci-ctionary: explaining the word "shit-storm"


maybe you have heard othur peopol say the word “shit-storm” and you were wonderin, wots that all abouts?

Well, a ‘shit-storm’ is, when peopol mass bully and harrass you via the internet and social media, calling you names an stuff. 64 more words


How Exciting- We're Having A Sale!

Our publisher just let me know (seriously- just a little while ago) that we’re having a sale on the electronic versions of our previous book- Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess. 192 more words

Girl Genius

Black Diamond mine

It was reported that 400 tons of ore from the Black Diamond mine were milled at the North Star mill, with recovery of about $22 per ton. 42 more words