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  • People were smoking in my car, my old escape. First Dixie then Patrick from Tacoma. Then Daniel. I was upset for some reason because they were all being sneaky about it and at first I thought, if they are smoking that means I have smoked too.
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Sephardim & Southern White identity

One of the points I make in my book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future is that the Jews who helped colonize Dixie and New World plantation civilization were distinct from the central and eastern European Jews who moved in large numbers to Northeastern US cities in the late 1800s and afterward. 809 more words


League of the South - National Conference, 2016

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The League of the South held its 23rd national conference on the weekend of 24-25 June at its building in Wetumpka, Alabama. 618 more words


Trivial Pursuit jr Gives The Wrong Answer

According to Trivial Pursuit jr, Ulysses S Grant is carved on Stone Mountain’s mountain.  Hmmm, is he the back end of one of the horses?