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Halloween Decor Idea: Pumpkin Succulent and Cacti Planter

If you’re a plant lover, here’s a quick and easy way to incorporate succulents and cacti into your fall decor. Use a pumpkin as a planter! 125 more words


Halloween Dress

Made this adorable holiday dress for my little this weekend. The material came from Joann’s fabrics originally, however, I found 4 yards of it at my local thrift store for 1.00 a yard. 158 more words


My First Chalk paint project

I have been anxious to try chalk paint. ( I MEAN REALLY WHO HASN’T ! ) As I’m scanning my Pinterest boards I am always drawn to the powdered paint pieces. 340 more words


This girl’s cleaning hack will make your gross old kicks shockingly white

Before we go any further, I just wanna get it out in the open that you’re gonna be like “Duh” when you read this. But anyone who’s ever said “I’ll wear my white Converse with this outfit!” and then actually looked at their disgustingly dirty “white” Converse will say that keeping them looking like new is easier said than done. 399 more words


Kid Craft

Had 2 of my grandchildren over for the afternoon and helped them create this adorable Halloween craft using their feet, some paint, heavy stock art paper, a sponge paint brush and a black marker. 50 more words


Reuse old candles DIY

Reuse your old Candles

Any candle lovers out there??

The ones whose  answer is yes will find this blog post somewhat useful.  And not just the candle lovers but also to everyone who loves to create, learn to make DIY’s and to every single person who has piles of half burnt candles from festive season(Half burnt candles aren’t really attractive! 374 more words


Tulle Skirt: the DIY that took me a while... And gave up on.

Soooo, I’ve always wanted a long ballerina tulle skirt.

Like this:

Well… Sorta like that. I like green and blue more. And this is me, so I’m going to make it differently. 521 more words