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How To Be A Thrift Store Diva

Meet Salvation Army.

Or Goodwill….or any other thrift store in your local area. Most often, they are LOADED with stuff and more stuff, and then stuff upon stuff. 674 more words


Tis the season of dry skin and my hands are no exception. Taking care of our hands as writers is important.  I’ve had a jar of oil infused with calendula flowers sitting in my cupboard for about a year so it’s ready to use for this very purpose. 233 more words


Amy's Granola

My go to gift for new mum’s, hostess gifts, anytime gift is my homemade granola.  I have started to become so well known for it my friends and family now affectionately call it Amy’s Granola – even if they make it themselves! 481 more words


Smite Button

My partner, Bo, is constantly frustrated by many things in life. I thought of a way to help him relieve the daily frustration… get him a Smite Button to obliterate his enemies and inconveniences. 64 more words



Lol did you really think I was gonna go to the gym. My cold just got worse and now I’m coughing like the grinch and I have a headache. 488 more words


How to Dry Flowers: 2 Simple Ways + Decor Ideas [Visuals]

Flowers set the tone for a magical experience and a memorable event. But what do you do with the flowers after a special day has ended? 265 more words


Overnight Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is almost here! Between finalizing the guest list and grocery shopping, it’s easy to forget about the decorations. If you are in need of fast Thanksgiving décor, I have 5 projects that you can make overnight. 94 more words