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Safe, Easy and Stress-Free Way to Remove Paint from Hardware

Sometimes the best of us make the worst of mistakes. Mistakes like thinking its a good idea to glob paint over functioning hardware expecting it to last and look good. 355 more words


Ita Bag

Ita bags are bags that have a transparent cover. They are great because every bag is different and personalized, depending on how you decorate it. 327 more words


DIY Chain Belt Bag in Quilted Fabric

I made a small waist belt bag with detachable straps :) It has a tab that runs horizontally at the back, so you can slot in your choice of straps. 597 more words


Car Hacks to make Life Easier

How much time do you spend in your car each week?  If the answer is too many than you’re like me.  Moving kids from school to sports and activities, as well as normal household duties and my own work; my car is my office.    700 more words


Open Sesame...sauce: DIY Tahini

I promised that making the tahini  would be as easy as saying “open sesame” – and you can see for yourself (this bottle is almost empty! 234 more words


Hummmmmus good

So the other day we went out for some good old mediterranean food and came back with a foodbaby and a yearning for a hummus we could call our own – you know, one that was a little part me, a little part him, and got a cute little dimple when we poked it with a spoon.
260 more words

Milking magic beans: DIY soy milk

It’s super easy, but a little messy. But soy is so nutritious, what’s a few dirty dishes, right?

Soy milk is great for menstrual problems and is rich in protien – plus a tremendously viable substitute for the lactose intolerant. 317 more words