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Her er et klassisk papirprosjekt som alle burde kunne. Stjernen har sin opprinnelse i Tyskland, og mannen bak heter Friedrich Froebel. Den blir ofte kalt en Froebelstjerne. 1,185 more words


Monday Makes: Skin Soothing Spot Treatment

This spot treatment works quickly to soothe not only spots but skin, irritation and inflammation, it forms a coat over the area and starts working almost instantly to reduce symptoms. 263 more words


Monday Makes: Activated Coconut Charcoal and Avocado Hair Mask

Now that autumn is in full swing and threatening to steal my hair joy, it’s time to  switch gears a little to keep my hair happy and healthy. 182 more words


Monday Makes: Scented Gel Pots

This Monday make is one I’ve been meaning to try for the longest time, scented gel pots are handy little wonders for giving the room a beautiful aroma, they’re easy to make and extremely cost effective. 133 more words


Monday Makes: 100% Natural plant based Elderflower and Citrus facewash

A good face wash, cleanses the skin without stripping it of it’s moisture and leaving it thirsty for hydration. On my search for natural skin care remedies, I’ve come across some very interesting ingredients including plants and fruits of the earth  which produce a natural soapy substance when combined with water. 398 more words


Monday Makes: All natural Hair Gel

This Monday make has me feeling quite victorious, I’ve been working on my natural hair gel recipe for years now ,trying and testing a range of ingredients to find the perfect combination. 322 more words


MamaBice Makes Blog Review

This week I would like to do a review on MamaBice Makes’ new blog.

This crafty mother of two writes blogs mostly pertaining to the crafts of crochet and embroidery. 364 more words