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Wild: inside and out

As a designer I was taught by my sewing mentor that when you find a pattern that fits you well it can be altered to any other garment. 340 more words


Bonbon box

BonBon Box

A real party needs a bonbon cracker! Below you will find a guide on how to make a bonbon box made of paper. Decorate your party table or surprise your friends with your stunning gift wrapping talents. 573 more words


Homemade Oriental Inspired Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is a signature Chinese sauce  with a unique sweet and savoury taste that is used in a variety of ways such  as a flavouring for stir fry and other dishes, a meat and poultry glaze and a dipping sauce. 86 more words


Paper Bow

Paper Bow / Papirrosett

Then it’s time again for a fun paper project. Underneath you will find instructions on how to make a gift bow made of paper. 684 more words


Wash day! Coconut and Hibiscus deep conditioner

I’m constantly searching for new ingredients to add to my natural hair care regime, changing up the products we use to wash and treat our hair every so often, is highly recommended by many professionals as it stops the hair from becoming immune to important ingredients and keeps hair treatments effective. 215 more words


DIY: Soap nut Car Wash Shampoo

My love for soap nuts runs deep, probably because of their natural soapy characteristic which makes them the perfect cleaning agent for just about anything. 226 more words


White And Gold Pavlova

Inspired by the controversial “White and Gold” dress 😂bahaha. Here is my White&Gold Pavlova! This is an oldie creation from the start of the year in March. 218 more words