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Homemade Make- up Primer

I’ve been working on this recipe for quite a while now, trying to find the right composition of ingredients to create an effective make-up primer, and I’m finally on to something. 284 more words


Candy stripe powder room

So, after spending a long time browsing Pinterest (as usual) I finally decided on the style I wanted for my downstairs loo.

Fake panelling and candy stripe ;) 265 more words


Enclosing the front porch...

Well, this was one of those, ‘thought it up and just did it’ kind of projects.

Our front porch had turned into a bit of a dumping ground. 444 more words


Bleached Moon Phase Tapestry

     I’m a huge astrology geek. I can tell you my sun, ascendant, and moon sign-and I can bring up a fancy website that will calculate yours according to your date and time of birth. 574 more words


2 Face Scrubs Fusions you should definitely try!

Every 2- 4 months I find that my skin gets a little too comfortable with the products I’m using, it gets a little dull and occasionally a breakout may occur. 461 more words


Rejuvenating Kiwi face mask

The kitchen is full of great ingredients for creating natural and effective skin care remedies and this Kiwi face mask is just one of them. 164 more words